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Elijah's Story

My passion is cultural studies.

I discovered my passion for cultural studies by becoming curious. What I mean by becoming curious is that I started questioning everything back in 8th grade. I wondered why people treat others as less than human, how people gain power, and the meaning of life. Through my experiences in life, school, and in history, the answers all seemed to lead back to cultural studies. Civilization led to hierarchy, job specialization, religion, etc. By studying the culture of people in the past and even today, I am able to get closer to the answers that I ask myself about human beings. My driving curiosity has led me down the path of finding the truth, the answers to peace, and much more. Through studying culture studies, I would get closer to the answers I desire, to change myself, and eventually changing the entire world.

Attending AFS-USA Intercultural Programs will help me pursue my passion for cultural studies by letting me experience what other people believe and see of the world. By going to a different country, I'll be able to meet new people, see new places and new history, and ask new questions. Growing up in one place has led me to see only see one side of things. People see the world differently because of how they grew up and being able to meet those people with different views and ideals will take away my one sided perspective of the world. Being able to see new places and learn their history will let me connect the past to the present, and even predict the future. By asking new questions, I'll be able to grasp a deeper meaning of life and will grow to be more than someone who didn't travel because of AFS-USA would allow me to do so.

A Note from Mr. Schlenker, Elijah's Teacher

Elijah is probably one of the most curious individuals I've ever worked with. Despite having multiple addresses and having to move around, Elijah is not closed off to the world like many students in his position. He only wants to explore that position in the world more. His love of history pushed him to apply, and be accepted, as a History Teaching Assistant, where he is responsible for curriculum development and grading. He gives input on what should be taught and which areas of the class students are struggling. Here he can explore history on a deeper level.

Elijah's curiosity needs to be honed through travel and intercultural exchange through experiences such as a summer in AFS-USA Intercultural Programs. Elijah has the maturity and innate intellect/passion to learn new languages, foods, cultures and beliefs. Our school could also use more students like Elijah to bring these experiences into our community.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mr. Schlenker helped Elijah raise $3,290
April 18
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April 18

Looking forward to your leadership next school year!

Sam Purdy donated $50
April 17

Even though Elijah is a Mets fan, I fondly remember getting to teach him in 6th grade and be infected with his blend of curiosity and good humor. Keep up the great work!

Judy Poskanzer donated $25
April 2

Good to see young people expanding their horizons.

Anonymous donated $25
April 2

From a history nerd, to another history nerd. Keep up the good work, read constantly and travel whenever possible. Take care.

Anonymous donated $25
April 2
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