Erick has applied to attend Red Bull New York Residential Soccer Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Hamden High School
Hamden, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 26th, 2018!
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Erick's Story

I discovered my passion of playing soccer as I watched my brother play soccer growing up. I've always looked up to him and aspired to be as good as him. Through the years, I myself have played soccer, continuing to improve and grow as a player. I wouldn't be the person I am today, and wouldn't be surrounded by the group of friends that I have without it either. Soccer has helped me through the toughest times, and has shown me the fundamentals of respect and good sportsmanship. I've grown to love soccer, because it runs in my blood and continues to be the only thing I want to do in my spare time.

Attending Red Bull New York Residential Soccer Camp will help me improve and push me closer to achieving my true dream of becoming the best athlete I can be. I also hope to better understand the sport and its fundamentals. Attending Red Bull New York Residential Soccer Camp will push me close to being the first athlete in my family to attend a great soccer camp.

A Note from Ms. Sangster, Erick's Teacher

Erick is an excellent candidate for Red Bull New York Residential Soccer Camp because he is passionate about the sport, will appreciate the opportunity, and will be successful. Erick has had many challenges that have gotten in the way of his ability to partake in the sport and by giving him the opportunity to follow his dream, Erick will prevail any challenges. He works hard for what he wants but is not always rewarded for his efforts and by allowing him the opportunity to attend the soccer camp, he will have a renewed sense of what it means to work hard to achieve your dreams.

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Success! Ms. Sangster helped Erick raise $835
April 26
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