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Technology & Engineering
Skyline High School
Oakland, CA
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Jennifer's Story

My passion is coding.

I discovered my passion for coding in the 6th grade when I was learning about it though While I do enjoy coding, I also want to learn more about other opportunities I could take with this skill. Other than strictly just doing coding, it can lead to different pathways that you may want as your career. Coding may just be one of my passions, and with coding I can explore other possible passions.

A Note from Ms. McBride, Jennifer's Teacher

Jennifer will be an outstanding candidate for DMA Teen Summer Camps. She is incredibly hard working and talented, and seizes opportunity for growth and challenge without hesitation. A program that would continue to support Jennifer in her goals, teach her new skills, and continue to support her in development of her career and college skills would be an excellent opportunity for someone who might not otherwise have access. Jennifer exceeds the expectations of what we look for in today's youth, and would be an excellent choice for enrollment in the summer camps.

Campaign Activity
Jennifer posted an update
September 15
My Experience at DMA Teen Summer Camps

I had a wonderful time at the camp, and I learned so much from it! It gave me a chance to meet great people, and learn more of what I want to pursue for my future. After the camp, I have a more general idea of what to look forward in the future. I would like to thank my donors and Wishbone for this amazing opportunity. Without donations I would not have been able to go to this camp, it was such an eye opener of what I would like to do in the future.

Jennifer posted an update
May 8
Path Towards my Passion

I am proud to say that I will be attending the DMA Teens Summer Camps this summer taking the Made By Girls: Intro to Java Programming course! I am really excited in joining this program because it gives me a chance to meet with other girls who have the same interests as me. I think that this program will help me find a path for a passion that I will most likely enjoy and love.
I am definitely looking forward to meeting other people and making new friends during this course. I chose this program because I have always had a passion for coding, but I've never pursued it. This is giving me a chance to go after a passion that I've always had, but never had the chance to.

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April 24
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April 24
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April 3

Glad to see you are interested in coding. We need to have more girls in the computer sciences and tech world. You go girl.

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