Nuryel has applied to attend US Sports Contact Football Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Palisade Preparatory School
Yonkers, New York
Successfully funded on April 28th, 2018!
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Nuryel's Story

Attending US Sports Contact Football Camp will help me pursue my passion for football. I have developed a great love for this sport, and this camp will give me exposure to coaches who can assist me in improving and enhancing my skills as a football player. Coming from such a small football program, everyone is trained to be an all around player or to be flexible enough to play as many positions as possible. This camp will help me focus specifically on my skill group as a kicker and receiver. The experience I receive from the camp will also be something that I will carry with me, and never forget, every time I touch the football field. I am hopeful that the experience I gain from this program will better my chances to someday play as a kicker and/or receiver in college.

A Note from Ms. Mondello, Nuryel's Mentor

Nuryel's passion is to continue developing his skills as a kicker and receiver, which US Sports Contact Football Camp will help him do this summer. He would also like to someday play for a college football team. Nuryel grew up playing soccer and was recently introduced to football as a kicker. It was then that Nuryel realized that he had great skill and potential to develop into a strong and successful football player. Since then, Nuryel has continued to practice on his own and with is friends at a local high school football field (his current high school does not have a field). He is also consistently going to the gym to build strength. I can see his excitement and passion for the sport whenever he tells me about how many yards he was able to kick the football over the weekend and future goals that he sets for himself.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Mondello helped Nuryel raise $635
April 28
Anthony Muia donated $100
April 28

You are an outstanding young man, who the deserves the absolute best out of life. Keep pushing for greatness!

Laura Della Rocca donated $51
April 18

Good luck Nuryel!!

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April 12

Good luck!!

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April 1

Shoot your shot

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March 31

Good Luck Nuryel! and have fun!!

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March 30
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March 30
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March 30
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March 30
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