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Liberal Arts
Young Women's Leadership School - Bronx
New York City, New York
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Tamara's Story

My passion for photography has grown over the last few years. It began with an internship where I was able to take photos and make videos. After this internship, I noticed that I loved photography and decide to take classes to improve my skills. I began to take landscape, food and street photos. However, I am determined to develop my skills, particularly in portraiture and wildlife photos. Photography is not just a picture with or without color, but a story. When a person looks at a photograph, they are able to see the world through the lens of another person. I feel that people are able to connect with others by looking at beautiful photos.

Attending UConn Pre-College Summer Program will allow me to challenge myself due to a new environment and being surrounded by a lot of new people. This program will help me with my goals in photography and allow me to be open to new ideas that are not in my environment. In addition, I will experience a college life on a campus, which will help me when I go to college.

A Note from Ms. Eisenberg, Tamara's Mentor

Tamara started in our school last year and has worked hard since the first day. She values the importance of education and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Tamara will benefit from attending UConn Pre-College program in a variety of ways. By spending time on a college campus she will be able to see what college will really be like in the future. This time will allow her to foster a sense of independence while participating in learning that is aligned to her future aspirations.

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May 4
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May 4

My beautiful daughter am so proud of you and all the dedication you've put in your education. I love you and the sky is the limit. I could not wish for a better daughter than you
Love youuu!

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May 1

Good luck : )

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May 1

Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

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April 30
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April 23

YWLN congratulates you on your acceptance and hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

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April 13

Good luck mama

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April 11
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