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Bronx Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy
New York, NY
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Javier's Story

My passion is drawing and illustration.

In 7th grade, I took my first intro to studio art class where my teacher began showing me different materials and techniques to use. She would go to show me the range in the type of hardness in pencils, the different techniques for watercolor such as wet on wet, how to use cross hatching to make dimension and depth, and many more. And as I progressed to through the different art classes we began talking about how art can be an option to consider in college. And so I've this has really encouraged me to pursue art and constantly learn to grow as an artist so in that way I can also help share my passion to everyone and understand the way I see the world in a visual way.

A Note from Ms. Young, Javier's Teacher

Javier Chavez is one of the most naturally gifted artists I have ever taught in my career as an art teacher. Since being hired as the first and only art teacher at Bronx Lighthouse College Prep Academy, the art department has greatly expanded, and Javier has taken advantage of all of the classes I have to offer. Unfortunately, since I am the sole art teacher, Javier has limited ability to take more specialized classes at this school. Despite this, Javier has signed up to take outside art classes and has taken advantage of opportunities to have colleges review his portfolio work. Javier goes above and beyond to produce high quality work, and he shares this frequently with the community through our art shows. He would greatly benefit from any additional art programs outside the school community (for bettering his technical ability as well as sharing it with a greater community).

Campaign Activity
Javier posted an update
September 8
Post Parsons Program

My experience at Parson was intensive and new to me. I was able to learn and develop printmaking skills. I learned various forms of printmaking such as woodblock and copper etching. It was exciting to learn the multiple applications of printmaking and the possibility of that being a career choice.

Javier posted an update
May 12
Parsons Pre-attendance

I will be going to the Parsons Pre-College Academy, and I am enrolled in the printmaking course. This will be an opportunity to learn and try out new materials which I am unfamiliar with. I am excited to be a part of the Parsons program because I am eager to expand my art abilities.

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May 8
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May 6

Keep growing as an artist! Have a great summer!

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May 3

Keep up the amazing work!

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Hope you kill it!

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April 30

Javier, I am Ms. Ford's mom and I am proud to help sponsor her students. I wish you all if the best in your education

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Good Luck, I know you deserve this! (:

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Good luck 🤗

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Te quiero ❤

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Good Luck

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