Elian has applied to attend National Teen Leadership Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Valor Academy High School
Panorama City, CA
Successfully funded on May 5th, 2016!
Fully funded!
$449 raised
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Elian's Story

My passion is helping others.

I want to a social worker to help foster kids with their problems because I feel like I could make them feel better. I want to be someone who people look up to like a hero and that's my passion for helping others.

The National Teen Leadership Program would help me explore my passion by seeing if helping others is really what I want to do when I grow up. I want to be a confident girl and a brave girl. I feel like the program is going to help me be more like a leader than a follower.

A Note from Mr. Katcher, Elian's Teacher

"Elian is a good candidate for the National Teen Leadership Program because she already has many of the qualities of an outstanding leader.

One quality that stands out is Elian's remarkable ability to listen. She is a trusted confidant among her classmates because she is so approachable and kind.

While Elian may not be the most vocal leader, she leads through her ability to connect with her peers and the example of persistence she demonstrates every day."

Campaign Activity
Success! Mr. Katcher helped Elian raise $449
May 5
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May 5
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May 5
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May 1
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April 30

A great opportunity to expand and further her education.

Becky Navarro donated $40
April 30
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April 19
National Teen Leadership Program
National Teen Leadership Program donated $50
April 7
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April 7
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April 7
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January 29