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Performing Arts
David Starr Jordan High School
Los Angeles, California
Successfully funded on April 25th, 2018!
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Leslie's Story

My passion is music.

Singing has always been a part of my life. I loved music at a young age and began singing in the school choir when I was nine, but I was afraid to sing at my full potential. I moved schools and decided to sing at the school talent show. Everyone laughed and the experience damaged my self-esteem. The voice that I was proud of was silenced. However, after seeing a rondalla, a group of guitarists, I was inspired to learn the guitar. After a year of learning, I bravely decided to take the risk of singing and playing guitar at my eighth grade talent show. This time, no one laughed and the audience clapped, which dramatically improved my self esteem. So, even though I was passionate about singing at a young age, it wasn’t until eighth grade that I fell in love with singing and began pursuing a musical career.

Attending SOCAPA Core Music would be a pivotal step in pursuing a musical career. I will grow as a musician, singer, and performer because they will teach me skills that are essential to becoming a successful singer. I will learn how to produce my own music and better singing technique. Also, SOCAPA Core Music program will be a good environment because I will be surrounded by people my age who want to engage in a musical career like I do. I will be able to get advice from students and instructors who have valuable experience and can provide guidance to me. I will also be expanding my horizons by meeting people with different styles of singing. Everyone has a different personality and it is expressed in their singing style. Seeing different styles it will inspire me to find my own style.

A Note from Mrs. Williams, Leslie's Teacher

Leslie is passionate about music. I believe SOCAPA Core Music will assist her in pursuing her life dream. Leslie shows great determination. She has shown the ability to overcome any limitations through her hard work and dedication.

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