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Fine Arts
New Heights Academy Charter School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 8th, 2018!
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Jonairy's Story

My passion is cooking. I grew up watching my grandmother and uncle cook, spending lots of time in the kitchen. My grandmother has a culinary and pastry arts degree. Since I was in elementary school, I have always enjoyed cooking. For class projects/assignments or readings, I would always do something related to food and cooking. Cooking is just something I've always done and enjoy without thinking much about it. When I started 10th grade and began thinking about college and what I wanted to do with my life, I realized cooking was what I want to pursue.

Attending ICC Cooking Camp for Teens will help me pursue my passion for culinary arts by giving me the opportunity to be exposed to and learn new things from professionals, something that is not always available to me. I do not have much experience in cooking other than at home, watching my parents so this is also a great opportunity for me to get more experience.

A Note from Ms. Egan, Jonairy's Teacher

Jonairy is a good candidate for ICC Cooking Camp for Teens because she is passionate about cooking, and anything that Jonairy is passionate about she pursues with great determination. Jonairy is a leader in and out of the kitchen, taking charge and inspiring her peers to become leaders in the school as well. It is this quiet confidence that will lend itself well to Jonairy's future goals in professional kitchens.

Campaign Activity
Jonairy posted an update
August 7
Post Attendance Update🤗

Thank you everyone for giving me the opportunity to attend this program. I've wanted to attend this program ever since I heard of it. I am so glad I got to go. It was a great learning experience. Not only was it a great learning experience but I also got a chance to experience taking classes at one of the top culinary schools in the United States and at one of the schools I would like to attend after graduating high school this year. Even though some people don’t enjoy waking up early and leaving their homes to go to school and have to take classes early in the morning I loved waking up early every morning to take the train an hour to go to this amazing school and to stand throughout the whole class and running around cooking the whole day like if I was really working in a restaurant. If I had to pick a favorite dish it would have to be a dish we made the 4th day which was grilled rib steak steak with pommes frites and sauce bèarnaise. I loveee steak and I was so happy when they told us we were going to make it. The sauce was very hard to make, you had to be very careful while making it because if you messed up you have to start all over again. You had to concentrate and pay attention to everything and everyone around you because we are using sharp knives, hot oils & etc. I really enjoyed attending this intensive culinary program and hope to be attending here after I graduate high school this year😊 Thank you to everyone who donated who helped and supported me and to the wishbone community💖

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May 8
Ramona and Miguel Dominguez donated $60
May 8

Tus abuelos te deseamos exitos en todo lo que te propongas,porque vemos tu pasion,interes y dedicacion en todo lo que te gusta sabemos que vas a llegar muy lejos, Dios te colme de bendiciones!

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Jose Jerez donated $100
May 8

Orgulloso por lo que has logrado y vas a seguir logrando,tu madre,tu tio y tus abuelos son parte muy importante de tus logros. Dios te bendiga y te proteja siempre.

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Athena Lemakis donated $35
May 7

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Ramon Mirabal donated $50
May 7

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May 6

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May 1

Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

Melody Lebrón Nin donated $10
April 30

Andrea Mazzella donated $25
April 27
Ana Nin donated $50
April 24

Que alegria saber que a tu corta edad, ya estes enfocada en crecer academicamente para lograr uno de tus sueños: ser una chef professional siguiendo los pasos de tu abuela y tio. Dios bendiga y sea tu guia. Exitos,mi ahijadita del alma; me enorgulleces

Andrea Dominguez donated $50
April 24

Deseandote lo mejor siempre;tu puedes lograr todo lo que te propongas con dedicacion y perseverancia. Muchos éxitos y que Dios te bendiga. 💖💖💖

D J donated $30
April 23

Te deseo mucho éxito y bendiciones...

Karen Delacruz donated $50
April 21

You can reach the star...!!

Germania Cuevas donated $30
April 21

Jonairy sabes que eres un orgullo para todas nosotras, las amigas/ hermanas de tu mamá(tus, tías)
Sigue adelante, Dios te bendiga.

Manny Pacheco donated $30
April 20
Gianny Cuello donated $50
April 20

Continue being a good girl like alwaysband follow your dreams; you’re gonna go far in your life!!!🙏🏻

Maria Marte donated $50
April 20

Éxito mi niña, tú puedes!!

Ernesto Sandoval donated $100
April 20
Fausto Betances donated $50
April 20
Donaldo Dominguez donated $100
April 20

I'm very proud of you, keep following your dreams.

Leisy Cedeno donated $25
April 20

If you are persistent, you will get it.. if you are consistent, you will keep it! Best of luck mi Reyna!💕

Robert Castillo donated $20
April 20

I’m your mom’s old friend.
Your are a great girl because you have the best mom .
Keep moving. ! Wish you the best .

Elma Rodriguez donated $25
April 20

I believe in you and wish you the best.

Gloribel Paula donated $30
April 20

Go for it !!!

Yenni Felix donated $25
April 20

So proud of you.

Anonymous donated $150
April 20
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March 29
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March 29
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