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Downtown College Prep - El Primero
San Jose, CA
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Karina's Story

My passion is psychology.

I discovered my passion for psychology when watching a show called criminal minds and I was fascinated at how these criminal profilers could just look at the crime scenes and could come up with a detailed description of the suspect.What also helped spike up my passion for psychology was that my cousin took a college class in college and she would tell somethings she would learn in her class. In order to succeed in being a criminal profiler, I would have to have really good leadership and work well with others.

The National Teen Leadership Program will help me explore my passion for being a criminal profiler because it will teach me some leadership skills that will not only help me in my choice of career but also in school.

A Note from Ms. Lanzot, Karina's Teacher

"Karina very much wants to go to college and is very bright and intellectually curious. However, she doesn't have many opportunities for 'going deep' in her current high school setting. I think attending the National Teen Leadership Program has the potential to really motivate and inspire Karina to push herself to a new level as a learner and a person, and it would help shape her vision of herself as a college-bound student."

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