Elizabeth has applied to attend FIDM 3 Days of Fashion this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Oakland Unity High School
Oakland, CA
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Elizabeth's Story

My passion is fashion.

My passion for fashion began when I was in 5th grade. The reason I want to go to FIDM 3 Days of Fashion is because I want to learn more about fashion. I will develop my passion by attending this program because I will be able to learn more about fashion in a way that I wasn't able to at school.

A Note from Ms. Berg, Elizabeth's Teacher

"Elizabeth is very interested in fashion, but she will not be able to pursue this interest in school. Elizabeth lives in the Bay Area, which is full of opportunities, but because she comes from an economically disadvantaged area, she has limited access to these opportunities. As a student who excels, she deserves access to to experiences that will allow her to explore her interests and give her the knowledge she'll need to make educated decisions about her future."

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Elizabeth posted an update
June 23
Excited for FIDM

The program that I am going to attend is FIDM 3 Days of Fashion. I am really grateful that I am going to attend this program because I think that this program can help me a lot. I chose this program because I thought it would be a really great opportunity for me to learn more about fashion. In addition, when I read the details about the program, it immediately captured my attention. Something that I am really looking forward to by attending this program is that I will be able to meet and interact with new people that have the same interest as me. I also want to learn how to draw and design clothes. I think that by going to this program I will be able to learn all of these techniques and many more new things. Thank you Wishbone and all the donors for giving me this awesome opportunity.

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