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Business & Law
Uncommon Charter High School
New York City, New York
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Jessica's Story

My passion for Criminal Justice, in particular, forensic science, first began when I came across a video of Buzzfeed Unsolved. It was a series of episodes where unsolved cases were discussed. Each episode would intrigue me more and more every time. I would share my interest with my cousins and we would try to solve those cases together. What specifically fascinated me every time was how the investigators were able to use the evidence and conclude the reasoning for the crime scene. I took my passion deeper and started to research more and read of crimes and the roles of a forensic scientist. I fell in love with the work done in the criminal justice department overall.

Attending Envision NYLF Law and CSI will help me pursue my passion for Forensic Science because it doesn't only deepen my knowledge but it also give me an opportunity to work with experts who could give me insight on the work of a forensic scientist. This program will also give me access to hands on investigation on a crime scene and will allow me to analyze evidence to solve mock cases. Envision NYLF Law and CSI is a program that can encourage me to explore opportunities for the future in the forensic science fields.

A Note from Ryan Miller, Jessica's Teacher

Jessica is a quiet force in class. As the history department chair, I have seen Jessica succeed at Advanced Placement level history for two years. Her teachers, particularly in History and English, rave about her commitment to her school work and humility of her accomplishments. She always has insightful, informed, and well-thought out observations and contributions to discussions around complex historical arguments or literary analysis. For these reasons, I know that she is an excellent candidate for a rigorous program like Envision NYLF.

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Jessie, I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from this experience. Love You.

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Keep up the good work Jessi. Hope you enjoy your experience.

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Good luck and excited for your summer!

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