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Technology & Engineering
Cristo Rey High School San Jose
San Jose, California
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Tony's Story

My passion is game design.

I discovered my passion for Game Design when I was still in elementary school. I loved playing video games and was fascinated about how one game looked different from another. I would play through a game multiple times and look at the different ideas and concepts that went into the levels. Drawing is also one of my favorite hobbies. I have been told I am great at art and have a lot of creative ideas. When I heard about Game Design, I saw that it had a combination of the things I really liked: video games, art, and a lot of other skills that involved creativity.

Attending iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area will help me pursue my passion for Game Design, because I can learn more about designing games. It will strengthen my coding skills and teach me how to work with designing concepts in games. I can also meet a lot of other students who have similar interests as I do and learn off of them and also teach them what I know. Interacting with others who have the same interests as me may also spark new, creative ideas that I can use in my game design path. Attending this would teach me how to create games and start my dream career of creating games.

A Note from Ms. Hanley, Tony's Teacher

Tony is an incredible candidate for the iD Tech Camps, both in how he'll contribute and what he'll gain. He is a quiet soul - not necessarily shy, but reserved. However, he is full of POWER. I think iD Tech Camps will empower him to use his skills and creativity, and give him the forum to speak up and share with others. I always look forward to Tony's presentations and debates - he is so thoughtful and critical-minded.. truly, I am always learning from him. Putting those skills into his passions of gaming, design, and tech-creativity will no doubt be a beautiful combination for Tony's development of self, for his peers, and teachers! He is a curious and ever-persistent kid - a dream for such an innovative program!

Campaign Activity
Tony posted an update
August 24
Great Experience

I met a lot of great and fun people during my time at iD Tech Camp. I learned a lot from them and made many friendships over there. Learning how to code really helped give me a start to a potential career in technology I could have in the future. Thanks to all the donors for making this possible.

Coding class
Coding class
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