Kimberly has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Palisade Preparatory School
Yonkers, NY
Successfully funded on April 24th, 2017!
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Kimberly's Story

My passion is law.

Law became a passion for me ever since elementary school. It was a career that caught my eye. I love reading about certain cases and even practicing in class. The most exciting part of my day is going to law class. I love learning more and different things everyday about law and the different aspects of it. Also my interest for law has taught me to use my voice to fight for others and myself.

A Note from Mr. Rothstein, Kimberly's Mentor

Kimberly will certainly be attending college in a few years. Therefore giving her the chance to see an actual campus and feel the energy of UConn will truly be beneficial to her academic career and overall growth as a person. I think Kimberly truly needs to meet more people outside of Yonkers and this opportunity will connect her with kids her age who are as driven and as mature as she is.

Campaign Activity
Kimberly posted an update
September 15
Thanks Uconn

I had such an amazing time at Uconn. I made new friends and the visit has strengthened the love for my career path. THANK YOU!

Kimberly posted an update
May 9

I have been accepted to the UCONN Pre- College Program! I am looking forward to attending the program and working with new people and also learning new things about the subject of law. I truly believe this program will strengthen and increase my knowledge on law.

Success! Mr. Rothstein helped Kimberly raise $1,850
April 24
Wishbone General Fund donated $831
April 24
Zadell Norton donated $25
April 22

I hope this donation helps towards reaching your goal. You're a beautiful young lady and I want to see you succeed because you deserve it. May God bless every dollar donated and multiply it 10 fold.

Benjamin & Crystal Powell donated $200
April 22

Kimberly, we Thank God for the opportunities being presented to and for you. We are very grateful for those that also see the potential in you, and are there to also encourage, support and push you to be the very best that you can be. Always know that you are Strong, Smart and Beautiful and with God, focus and determination there is nothing you can't and won't be able to accomplish! Also always know and remember that Mom and Dad Love You!!!♥️♥️♥️

Robert Douglas donated $25
April 22

It's a beautiful thing when you find a young person so focused on their future.

Deidre Thompson donated $20
April 21

I'm so proud of you. You're a beautiful, intelligent young lady. Your reality is going to manifest itself. God bless you on this part of your educational journey!!

Anonymous donated $50
April 21

Good luck Kim! I hear the Uconn program is wonderful!

Sean Stahn donated $100
April 11

Good luck KP!

Student Contribution donated $99
March 20
University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut donated $500
March 20
Mr. Rothstein started this campaign
March 20
Kimberly was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1