Jason has applied to attend US Sports Nike Baseball Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Bronx Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy
New York, NY
Successfully funded on April 9th, 2017!
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Jason's Story

My passion is baseball.

I discovered my passion for baseball when I was little, I grew up always playing baseball. I started when I was 3 years old and I haven't stopped. I always thought about being one of the best pitchers one day, but this was not the only reason why I played. I always wanted to have an influence on younger children to show them that they could become better if they just keep trying and never give up. I always thought of baseball as something that I can enjoy doing without frustration even if I lose or game or do bad because I always strive for doing better. Although you could get hate about how you might not make it, you always have to look pass that and tell yourself that one day you will make it.

A Note from Mr. Vasquez, Jason's Coach

Jason is a great candidate for the US Sports Nike Baseball Camps. He is hardworking and determined to excel in baseball. I've heard many great things about the Nike Camps and I know Jason will absorb as much knowledge as possible from it. He can benefit greatly by learning from quality instructors and being around other like minded athletes at the US Sports Nike Baseball Camps. Jason will be a prime example and a perfect testimony of what the Nike Baseball Camp can so for a young athlete.

Campaign Activity
Jason posted an update
May 5
US Sports Nike Baseball camp

I am going to be participating in the US Sports Nike Baseball Camp this summer. I am really excited to be joining the program because it will give me the time to work on my skills and teamwork. I feel that in school, there aren't many opportunities to practice any of my skills because there isn't a team at my school. Outside of school is the only way to do it. I think that this program will help me with my skills and help me improve.

I am looking forward to working with other people my age and being able to learn from my peers. I chose this program because I have loved baseball ever since I was five years old, and I constantly think of being a pro baseball player one day. I believe that participating in this program will help me see the opportunities that I can have.

Success! Mr. Vasquez helped Jason raise $725
April 9
Simon Carmen Prendergast donated $76
April 9
Chantel Prendergast donated $50
April 8

I'm so proud of you, cuz. All your hard work will eventually pay off. Continue to follow your heart. Love you!

Stephen Murdock donated $50
April 6

Hey we gotta catch up soon bro.

Sydney Prendergast donated $100
April 6

Discipline & Consistency is the key to achieving greatness.

Tanya Dlabaj donated $300
April 4

Love you sweetie. You will do great things.

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March 23
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March 23
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March 23
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February 1