Beatriz has applied to attend Sur La Table Teen Cooking Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
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Hayward, California
Successfully funded on May 9th, 2018!
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Beatriz's Story

My passion is cooking.

I discovered my passion for cooking because my family is always spending a lot of time cooking in the kitchen. Food plays a major role in my household, and I've always had a lot of love and admiration for it.

Attending Sur La Table will help me deepen my understanding of cooking. Being in a new environment with teens who share the same passion and love for cooking that I do will allow me to make friends through such a memorable experience. I look forward to being able to learn and understand enough so that I can help my family in the kitchen when they're cooking as well!

A Note from Mr. Goodwin, Beatriz's Mentor

Beatriz shows empathy for other students that far exceeds the norm for students her age. Working in groups, Beatriz is my go-to student to insure that everyone is both included and accountable for completing the task at hand. Everyday, I see Beatriz working to improve our school community to create a welcoming, inclusive environment of healing. When a student is in pain, Beatriz jumps to action in a manner that is appropriate and welcome by her peers and by her teachers. Furthermore, Beatriz serves the community by holding other students to the standards that she holds herself.

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