Shataya has applied to attend ICC Cooking Camp for Teens this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
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Stamford Academy
Stamford, CT
Successfully funded on June 1st, 2016!
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Shataya's Story

My passion is culinary arts.

I discovered my passion for cooking when I was a little girl. My mom would always ask my oldest sister to help her in the kitchen while she was cooking, and I would just sit there and watch. I got jealous because my sister was being taught how to cook and I wasn't. As time went on my sister found a job, so I had to take over. I didn't really know what I was doing until my mom starting teaching me. I love trying new things out!

Attending ICC Culinary Camp for Teen will help me explore my passion because I can show off what I can cook and have them show me things I can't cook. I will be able to experience the world's foods and how they are prepared and served.

A Note from Ms. Weller, Shataya's Mentor

"Shataya's persistence and determination have allowed her to explore her passion. Shataya has taken advantage of every opportunity that has come her way.

Shataya is an exceptional candidate for ICC Culinary Cooking Camp for Teens because of her curiosity and love for cooking. Currently, Shataya works as an aid for an older gentleman with autism. Part of her job responsibilities is to prepare his meals for him. She has told me that this is her favorite part of the job because she gets to experiment with her concoctions and because he enjoys her cooking so much."

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Success! Ms. Weller helped Shataya raise $1,700
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