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Science & Medicine
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, CA
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Alexandra's Story

My passion is to help serve underprivileged children.

Wanting to help kids who have not received the medical attention that they deserve has become my passion because I understand how difficult it is to be told that you are not capable of doing something. I was born with a deformity in my foot that affected my ability to walk as I got older. Luckily, the doctors operated on my foot and replaced the deformed bone with metal that allowed me to walk. Being called weak wasn't easy, and I want to help kids get through their condition in a way that will benefit them by making them realize that they are strong, smart individuals.

By NSLC Medicine & Healthcare, I will become familiar with medical classes, putting myself in the same room as other individuals who are also passionate about getting a head start on medical school. Once I finish medical school, I plan on getting a job in which I am able to assist the less fortunate when they are in need of medical assistance.

A Note from Ms. Buchsbaum, Alexandra's Teacher

"Alexandra is a quiet leader. She advocates for herself when she needs help and attends extra office hours and study halls. Alexandra's quiet persistence is an inspiration to me. She is ambitious, holding very high expectations for herself, yet she remains incredibly humble and appreciative.

Alexandra has expressed interest in pursuing a career in the medical field, specifically pediatrics. She hopes to help children get through a difficult time in their life. I know that NSLC Medicine & Healthcare will give Alexandra the confidence and experience that she needs to continue working towards her dream of becoming a pediatrician."

Campaign Activity
Alexandra posted an update
August 10
Life-Changing Summer at NSLC Medicine and Healthcare program

I had such an amazing time at the NSLC Medicine and Healthcare summer program! Throughout the 10 days, I was fortunate enough to have met inspiring doctors and leadership teachers. Of course, it was also great to be able to experience everything I did with the new friends that I made throughout the days. We made memories, from going out to buy ice cream to drilling a hole into a baby pig's head. My favorite memory out of all would have to be when we got to learn how to suture. I found everything I learned so fascinating, and I am 100% sure I will become a doctor one day. I can't thank enough everyone who helped me go to the program. I can truly say I made the best out of it and words can't explain how thankful I was to be able to participate in the program.

Alexandra posted an update
June 22
Excited for NSLC Medicine and Healthcare Summer Program!

I am so excited to be attending NSLC Medicine and Healthcare Summer Program! I will be going into the program with an open mind and will be pushing myself out of my comfort zone. This will be the first time I attend any type of program, and I am very excited to meet new people that share the same excitement. Although I am extremely excited to attend the program, I am also nervous to be around people I have never spoken to in my whole life. I know this will be a life changing opportunity since I will have a new perspective on my future career and will be able to meet different people that I would not have met if it weren't for the program. My main goal is to participate as much as possible and have a conversation with as many people as I can. I can't wait until I'm there!

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Keep studying and pursuing your dreams! It sounds like you will be an amazing doctor one day!

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I wish you the best in your future plans.

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I am Ms. Buchsbaums' sister. I am proud of her and of you for pursuing your dreams!

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