John has applied to attend UCA Cheer Summer Camp this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Burton high school
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John's Story

I am excited about learning new skills from professional cheerleaders that will help me improve. I have set many goals for myself while attending this program, such as: to bond with my teammates, to trust others more, and to learn better safety tips. I am nervous that I might be the only male cheerleader at this camp. I know not many high school guys join cheerleading - there are only three male cheerleaders in all of San Francisco's high schools. I will overcome this challenge by focusing on myself and on improving my skills.

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John posted an update
February 24
My experience at UCA Camp

The topic I studied at UCA Cheer Camp was stunting.  I learned new stunting moves, tips, and safety guilds.  My favorite thing that I did at the program was learning new ways to do my co-ed stunt with my stunting partner. For example, I learned better ways to put my partner up in the air and catch her when she falls. 
Attending this program influenced my plans for the future in a very big way. After attending this program, it made me think about how I could pursue my future career as a cheerleader. Not only that, it also made me think about continuing cheerleading in college.  
Toward the end of this program, there was a contest between cheerleaders. My partner and I got into "All American". We won a chance to go to London and perform, but sadly we couldn't go because we don’t have the money. This made me want to work harder and maybe get a scholarship to go to London in the future.
I would really recommend this program to all my friends, because this program really teaches everyone about safety so that no one would get hurt. Also, it was a really amazing experience! If I can get the chance to go again next year, I would definitely go!
Thanks Wishbone, for this wonderful experience!

John posted an update
February 24
Thank you

Thank you for donating and for giving me this awesome opportunity to go to cheer camp for the first time. Your donation will not only affect me, but all of my cheer mates. After coming back from this cheer camp, I will use was I learned to teach to my teammates that didn’t have a chance to go. That way everyone can know and learn new skills.

Success! John's campaign raised $424
February 24
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