Tamia has applied to attend Parsons Summer Intensive Studies in New York this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Bronx Prep
New York, NY
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Tamia's Story

I discovered my love for fashion when I was young. I loved dressing up and making new clothes for my dolls and started drawing clothes in a notebook that I thought would complement their appearance. I cut some of them out in different paper patterns and would tape them to my notebook. Not too long after, I started sewing classes and learned how to use the sewing machine to bring these designs to life. I got to make a simple skirt, and then a dress, and then got good enough to make a pair of overalls for myself. I wanted to practice whenever I had free time, and I learned how to make pockets, pants, and waistband from a YouTube video. I realized my passion was something I could build on, and and started looking for more opportunities outside of my daily school life.

Attending the Parsons Summer Intensive Studies program would help me pursue my passion for fashion by giving me the space and the education that I am lacking at the moment. I want to be a fashion designer and take this passion seriously, and this can help me better my skills. This program will give me the chance to better my future, and will give me the skills that I can't teach myself.

A Note from Mr. Shifton, Tamia's Teacher

Tamia is passionate about her own success. She works hard in all of her classes, especially Geometry which I teach. She is a wonderful young adult with the characteristics of perseverance, kindness, and grit. She would be successful in any program. She always completes her responsibilities fully and completely. Moreover, she is a wonderful professional young adult in how she interacts with others. I highly recommend her inclusion in the Parsons School of Design program so she can pursue her passion of fashion. She deserves this opportunity.

Campaign Activity
Tamia posted an update
July 31
My summer

The summer program I had attended at Parsons has advanced my skills. I have learned a lot and has challenged me to do better. The skills I have learned in my program we're effective and made be better. Our teacher taught me things I didn't know was possible and I never saw myself doing. I was very happy that I went to this program and I hope to do another.

Tamia posted an update
May 3
Thank you

I am really excited for this opportunity to go to my program. I never thought I'd ever be able to go, but thank to you I am. I plan on using this program to my benefit myself and make myself a better designer.

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March 23
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