Dante has applied to attend iD Tech Camps Connecticut this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
East Hartford High School
East Hartford, CT
Successfully funded on April 9th, 2017!
Fully funded!
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Dante's Story

My passion is technology.

I have always loved video games. I was fascinated how people made them from nothing, from the ground up. Seeing that made me realize that I wanted to do that too, make something that others and I can enjoy, and something I can be proud of. Video games taught me the importance of communication and working together. You can meet new people and create friendships.

A Note from Mrs. Lawlor-King, Dante's Teacher

A technology camp is perfect for Dante. His brain works like a computer, that is why he is so attached and well-versed in technology. He needs this opportunity, as our school has such limited resources when it comes to technology. There is so much for Dante to learn, and he cannot do that through classes at his school. He needs to be around like-minded teachers and students. His teachers will love his ability to absorb difficult concepts quickly. They will love how he gets into a zone when using technology and learning about something he is passionate about. Dante is at his best when he is communicating with adults. I bet he could even teach some of his technology experts a few things.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mrs. Lawlor-King helped Dante raise $1,468
April 9
Soo Mee Pak donated $60
April 9

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Mary Moore donated $50
April 9

If my niece, Christine thinks you are the bomb, then I think so too! Enjoy your summer camp! Mary

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Lucy Flynn donated $100
April 8

Keep up the good work!

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Thomas Polomsky donated $25
April 8

Your mom loves you so much and I wish you the best of luck

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Joe Lawlor donated $150
April 8

Good luck Dante.

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Thomas Polomsky donated $25
April 7

Good Luck Dante. Hope this helps

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Alice Herro donated $50
April 6
Marlene Garcia donated $100
April 5

Keep shooting for the stars nephew 💫

Anonymous donated $25
April 5

Love you, Bubba have a good time!

Louwonder Edwards donated $100
March 28

I believe in you. Never stop keep going strong

Joel Mrosek donated $50
March 27

We all have an obligation to share our blessings. And we are all blessed. Just by being Americans we are in the top 1/2% of the world.

Christine Lawlor-King donated $100
March 23

Love you Dante! Let's go raise this money and get you to this amazing camp!

Student Contribution donated $99
March 23
iD Tech
Anonymous donated $125
March 23
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March 23
Dante was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1