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Fine Arts
Summit Public Schools: Rainier
San Jose, California
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Sabrina's Story

My passion is art.

I discovered my passion of drawing and illustration when I was younger. You would’ve found me coloring outside of the lines in my coloring book and almost eating all of my crayons. By the time I was in middle school, once I had some form of hand precision, I drew characters from various tv shows, cartoons, and Japanese animations. That’s also around the time I got a drawing tablet, I started digital art learned different skills, techniques, and effects. At this point of my life, drawing and illustration is a form of therapy for me, I would imagine these worlds and alternate universes with different characters in them, it gave me a safe space. Drawing and illustration gave me purpose and motivation to better myself, it has made be strive for more and it has allowed me to be passionate, it has made me pour my heart and soul.

Attending Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience will help me pursue my passion for drawing and illustration. I hope to gain new and improved skills. Most importantly, I want to be inspired, motivated, and more confident in my artwork. So I believe this experience will be a great benefit to my life, especially for my future, I feel that this will help me clear a path of what I want as my career and what fields I would be best suited for. I've always had a passion for drawing, illustration and animation and I just know that this experience will further advance my skills and knowledge about this pursuit of happiness of mine.

A Note from Mr. Quezada, Sabrina's Mentor

Sabrina would be a phenomenal candidate for the Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience because she is collaborative, driven to excel, and passionate. She is friendly and collaborative, motivated to continue developing her skills, and cares deeply about art.

Campaign Activity
Sabrina posted an update
August 30
My Summer Program Experience

Hello! it has been a month since my summer program ended, I want to tell you how this amazing program went for and what my experience was like. My classes consisted of Animation 2, Design for Films, and Character Design, all of my teachers were really easy-going, great, and honest. All of my classes had a final project that had to include techniques and skills that we have learned in our classes. Being out in SF by myself and commuting there and back, 4 days out of the week was definitely a great experience for since I have never commuted that much, and it has made me more confident of what I am capable of. My final project for Design for Films I did a digital painting (Photo 1), to give some context the story behind the painting is that a girl has found a portal that transports her to different parts of the world and that portal takes her to a huge forest and she is standing there in aw. For my Character Design class, we were assigned to redesign classic story characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and I redesigned some of the characters to fit into the world that I imagine them living. Lastly, for my Animation 2 class, our final project was to do a hand-drawn walk cycle (I did not include because it's in a USB that I can't find at the moment), it was tedious but fun! Overall this summer program was amazing and I couldn't ask for anything more, I would like to thank again to my donors who believed and saw what kind of potential I had, Thank you!

Sabrina posted an update
May 29
Pre-Attendance Update!

Hello! This an update about how much I’ve accomplished so far in and how much I have prepared for my summer program. After I was accepted to Wishbone, I’ve registered myself to my summer program and I have picked out what classes I will be attending in the summer. The classes I chose were: Designing for Films, Animation 2, and Character Design. I chose these classes because they sounded really fun and they seem very interesting, I’m super excited! After I registered, I had to figure my transportation to my program. My plan is to commute from my city to SF by train because it will be easier to travel by train than by car. Also, I enjoy having that type independence so I’m really looking forward to that as well. Overall, I’m pretty close to being fully prepared for my program, and I cannot wait until my program starts in July! I would like to thank my donors again for giving me this kind of opportunity, I’m very grateful!


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I really enjoyed your zine. Keep drawing! =)

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