jasli has applied to attend UConn Pre-College Summer Program this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Bronx Preparatory Charter School (Democracy Prep)
Bronx, NY
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jasli's Story

My passion is nursing.

My passion for nursing started when my uncle was diagnosed with cancer; I was 5-years-old. He spent most of his cancer life at the hospital accompanied by me when he had no one to visit him. Each time I was there I would wander around the hospital and glanced at every exam room that was open. When I was in the room with my uncle I started taking things out from each drawer and asking the nurses what function they served. I told my uncle I wanted to do what the doctors and nurses did because I wanted to save a lot of sick people like him. Nursing is the profession of providing care for the sick and infirm. I want to be the best there is; I want to become someone that can't be replaced easily because I am so good at what I do.

A Note from Ms. Palenyy, jasli's Counselor

Apart from her resilience and her strong leadership skills, Jasli keeps an organized mind that she focuses on her goals with clarity and seriousness of a very mature teenager. She has learned so much in this brief year and a half that I've known her: from the professional tone that she takes when addressing matters of concern or confusion with adults and peers alike, to her constant pursuit of excellence in all academics. Jasli exudes that attitude that so many lack among scholars and adults alike: and that is, "If I fail today, I will try again tomorrow, and again the next day and the next, until I become great." This makes Jasli the perfect candidate for UConn's Pre-College Summer Program. She will benefit from attending by applying this attitude and learning the content and skills she needs to ultimately achieve her goal of entering the medical field.

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jasli posted an update
May 9
Uconn Pre-College Summer Program

I am preparing myself to attend the UCONN summer program. I've already bought my round trip tickets from the peter pan bus to arrive at UCONN and to get back home. My mother and I are shopping for clothes to wear at the program. For now I'm just counting down the days until it's time to go the the pre-college summer program. Thank You Wishbone I couldn't have attend if it wasn't for you guys!

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April 24
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March 24
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March 22

Good Luck 🍀 Make us proud!

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March 22

IN honor of the nurses in my family. Good luck .😃

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March 22

you'll make a wonderful nurse!

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March 21

I believe in you 💜

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March 21
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March 21
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March 21
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