Rodolfo has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Richmond Leadership Public School
Richmond, California, CA
Successfully funded on June 2nd, 2016!
Fully funded!
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Rodolfo's Story

My passion is Soccer

I applied for the Soccer Camp because I want to learn new skills and I want to improve more on soccer. I found soccer as a passion because when I was a really young kid I started playing and I got to play with different teams at that time. When I was a really young kid I always dreamed about playing with professionals soccer players and including to help my family out with paying the rent of the house. Soccer is for me, my second home and i can express on the field how i feel.

Soccer camp will help me explore passion because it will actually help me make new friends out of Richmond.

A Note from Mr. Flax, Rodolfo's Teacher

Rodolfo would benefit a ton from an environment specifically designed to develop skills where he has a natural ability. He works hard in everything he does, and a soccer camp would be a place where he'd excel quickly and gain new confidence and skills. This would also be an amazing opportunity for him to get to know some students from outside Richmond, which can be an insular place. Likewise, he'd be a great ambassador for his community in a group of people that might otherwise only know the negative stereotypes of it.

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Success! Mr. Flax helped Rodolfo raise $625
June 2
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Hope you have a wonderful summer! Keep up the good work!

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