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New Haven Academy
New Haven, CT
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Jonaya-Mone's Story

I have a strong love for helping people. The fact that my small contribution could change someone's life for the better makes me feel that I have a special purpose in life. Most of my family members are in and out of the hospital, and seeing what doctors do daily makes me aspire to do something similar. I am also fascinated that medicine is always changing and advancing with each new study. Medicine can be so mysterious, and that draws me closer to it.

Attending Envision NYFL Medicine will help me pursue my passion because it will lay out the steps I need to take in order to reach my future career. One day in the program will me with more information than I usually could obtain in a week, and I want to learn everything there is on the subject. I will be surrounded by other high school leaders, and together we will push each other to be the best case scenario for our future. This experience will change my life, and in turn I will be able to change the lives of others.

A Note from Ms. Feldman, Jonaya-Mone's Teacher

Jonaya's passion is medicine, and it is clear from her academic and extracurricular pursuits that she is serious about it. As a tenth grader, she signed up for a science elective I taught called Health Sciences, and she was one of the most engaged students in that class. She would make unexpected and brilliant connections between new material and her own knowledge. She also co-founded, as a tenth grader, an organization called Be Your Own Beautiful which encourages younger girls to see themselves as beautiful. Jonaya is ready for and needs this challenge. I am confident that she will be a great participant at Envision NYLF Medicine, emerging in that program as the leader she always has meant to be.

Campaign Activity
Jonaya-Mone posted an update
May 17
Pre-Attendance Update

I'm very excited to attend the Envision program. Currently, I am doing an internship at Yale-New Haven Hospital. At the moment I am not completely interested in medicine anymore but I won't let one experience make me disinterested in the whole field. I'm very excited to meet new people and to stay on campus. I'm not a very social person so hopefully the experience at the Envision program should bring me out of my shell and grow my interest in the medicine field more.

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April 13
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April 13
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April 12

Go for it Jonaya! As a former NHA teacher, I know the passion and brilliance within each student that is fostered even brighter through once-in-a-lifetime experiences like these. Have an amazing time thinking critically and getting involved (yup, that's an NHA pun).

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April 12

Good luck! We're behind you 1000%

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April 12

If you have a passion, then nothing can truly stand in your way!

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April 12

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April 9

I am Nikki's aunt; enjoy your studies Jonaya Mone.

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March 31

Babygirl, I know that you are going to become an awesome doctor some day and do great things.

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March 23

I'm Nikki's Dad and wish you the very best.

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March 21

Getting you to the $2,000 mark. Good luck!

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March 20

I love her ambition and her reasons for education

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March 19

Hi Jonaya. I'm Nicola Feldman's aunt. I'm thrilled you are interested in science. Good luck and best wishes!!

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You can do it, Jonaya-Mone!

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This program is terrific! One of my students did it last year and loved it!!

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