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Science & Medicine
Aspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy
Oakland, CA
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Marlene's Story

My passion is science.

I discovered my passion for science in the 8th grade when I was learning earth science, and since then I have not stopped loving it. One of the many reasons why I love science so much is because there is always new information to learn, and you can find new ways to solve problems in the world. Therefore, I will use the love that I have for science to inform the public of the dangers that the world faces. This is important because giving information allows people to make good choices.

Attending Camp SEA Land Voyage Seaward will help me explore my passion for science because the experience will help me decide if I want to pursue my dream of being a teacher or a sea scientist. This will also help me have knowledge of the sea and the problems that people are causing, for example, contamination. Once I have this information, I would use to make a difference.

A Note from Ms. Kellogg, Marlene's Teacher

"Marlene is an excellent candidate for Camp SEA Lab Voyage because of her incredible ability to work cooperatively, engage passionately in new learning experiences, and demonstrate dedication and perseverance through challenges. The teamwork component of the program is especially aligned with Marlene's unique skills and capacities, as well as the hands-on learning components which allow Marlene to thrive. Based on the ways in which I have seen Marlene work as a collaborator, peer mentor and tutor, and leader, the Camp SEA Lab Voyage would be an excellent fit for her, and her crew would be lucky to have her on board."

Campaign Activity
Marlene posted an update
August 17
Thanks for the Experience at Sea Lab Voyage

This program is really a life changing experience because not only did I learn life skills values, but it opened me up to a whole different perspective of life. After I accomplished this trip for five days without communication with the outside world, I realized that I give myself less credit than I deserved because this was the first time that I separated from my family, and I did pretty good. Yes!! I have to admit that I did cry the first night that I spent there, but it was all worth it because I got to spend time with amazing people, staff and also created new and great memories.

Sincerely, Marlene

Marlene posted an update
June 6
Thank you Camp SEA Lab Voage

Hello everyone, I just want to thank everyone for all your donations towards my trip to the SEA Lab Voyage that I will be happily attending this summer for 1 week. This opportunity would have not have been possible without your help. Again, thank you so much. This money is going towards a good cause and helping me pursue and learn something new that I am very passionate about. Thank you all for donating and making my dream into a reality.

Marlene Silva

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May 9
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May 9
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May 2
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May 2

Marlene you've worked so hard this year and for this exciting opportunity! I hope you have a wonderful time - you deserve it! :)

Leo & Elsa Wilkes donated $50
April 24
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April 21

To help make it possible for you to be the best you can be. Good luck in everything you pursue.

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April 20
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April 20
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April 20

She has a dream and I hope it comes true.

Diane Francis donated $25
April 20


I am so proud of you for following your passion!

Iris W. donated $15
April 20

Marlene! I am forever impressed by your hard work and dedication. So proud of you girl, you're doing big things!!!

Michelle Cortez donated $25
April 17

Marlene - you are an inspiration to your peers and the LWP community. We are proud of you!

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April 7
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April 7
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