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Environmental & Outdoors
CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering
Windsor, CT
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Jonathan's Story

My passion is science.

I discovered my passion for bio-engineering through a program at UConn for medical engineering careers. We made a prosthetic leg, arm, and heart valve. Here, I combined my new interest in medical engineering and my interest for biology. I hope one day that I'm able to help wounded veterans by using stem cells to regrow limbs, skin tissue, and organs. I feel they've done so much for us that the least we could do is help them.

Attending Project Oceanology Ocean Camp will help me pursue my passion for bioengineering by exposing me to possibilities in bio-engineering. Exposure to marine biology will bring diversity to my interests.

A Note from Mrs. Rizzo, Jonathan's Teacher

Despite an extremely rigorous curriculum, Jon performs very well in his classes and is always trying to improve himself. He currently participates in a program located on the ocean. He strives to participate in extra curricular activities that are empowering and teach him life skills that can better serve his future career interests.

Campaign Activity
Jonathan posted an update
August 8
Thank you for the opportunity

Without your help and support I would never have been able to to go to Project Oceanology and study the Thames river and talk about job opportunities. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This program was wonderful, and I could not have done it without you.

Jonathan posted an update
May 9
My Expectations

I am super excited about the week I will be in the program. My expectations during that time are as follows; I will have so much fun meeting new people, learn new things and spending time on the water. I will gain knowledge in Oceanology and environmental science. I am sure that no matter what, I will have new friends along with new knowledge I can put to use in school & my future. THANK YOU

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