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Liberal Arts
Uncommon Charter High School
New York City, New York
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Bianca's Story

My passion is writing. When I was in the third grade, I decided to take part in the talent show. Kids I knew who were going to participate were going to do epic dance numbers or sing Mariah Carey songs. Since I had zero talent in any of those fields, I decided to recite a poem I had written titled "Rumors", where I tell the dangers of gossiping. The reaction I had gotten after performing was overwhelming, and something had sparked in me, and ever since then, I have not stopped. After that experience, I went on to screen write plays, and publish six page books about fairies. Now, I'm in high school and am writing a full length novel and have plenty of more ideas that are just waiting to be liberated. And it all began with my ten line, couplet-form poem from the third grade. By attending the Brown University [email protected] program, I would be given a chance to broaden my knowledge and come back with more experience.

A Note from Mr. Siegel, Bianca's Teacher

Bianca is one of the most driven young ladies I have ever taught. She sets the bar incredibly high for herself, and does not lower her standards if she encounters any obstacles. She is driven and persistent, and having the opportunity to spend the summer at Brown would give Bianca an opportunity to work with, and alongside, other students and faculty as driven as she is. Bianca attends an urban school in Brooklyn, and having the opportunity to be in a suburban college setting, like Brown, is something Bianca doesn't have any access to in Brooklyn. She would also be immersed into a community as driven as she is, in both her work effort and desire to become the best at what she does.

Campaign Activity
Bianca posted an update
August 24
I Can’t Thank You All Enough

There are no words to describe how much fun I had at Brown. I wrote pieces that I never imagined I’d ever write and am astonished at how much i love college life. I can’t tagamet you all enough, you’ve all given me the opportunity to experience something i never thought i’d ever experience. Thank you so much.

The emblem is so beautiful. A small yet powerful symbol.
The emblem is so beautiful. A small yet powerful symbol.
Bianca posted an update
May 21
Anticipating my summer!

I am so excited to attend [email protected]! I thank all those who have helped make this opportunity possible for me. College is always talked about in the media, but this experience at Brown truly serves as a taste to what it’ll actually be like for me. I'll have this experience and be able to cherish it until the fall of 2020, when I attend as an official student. I can't wait to write my heart out. Thank you all.

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We are thrilled to support your journey as a writer!

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ti auguro il meglio, con amore
Chiara e Nicoletta

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Felicidades Bianca, lucha siempre por tus sueños 😍

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Who wouldn't want to help you ride that passion? Go on!

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My wish is for you to progress greatly.

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Great work Bianca!!

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What a bright and hard-working student. I'm so proud of you, Bianca!

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Dear Bianca, you are a very intelligent woman, always fighting for your dreams, that you will achieve

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Keep working hard my darling and always follow your dreams .

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