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Downtown College Prep El Primero High School
San Jose, California
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Hailie's Story

My passion is soccer.

Playing soccer was a sport I have always wanted to play. Ever since I was 4 years old I was obsessed with running around kicking the ball. Soccer made me feel free as if all my stress was left behind. Soccer helped me through the years by teaching me that you never give up no matter how hard the situation is you stay strong and keep going. Soccer has made me strong mentally and physically. I can't imagine my life without it, soccer helps me as if it were my own personal therapist. One day I want to go pro in college but in order for me to get there I have to improve. I currently play in the P.A.C leagues and I honestly love it because it is competitive soccer which is helping me get better, I have a strong desire to get better before college.

Attending US Sports Nike Soccer Camps will help me pursue my passion for soccer by helping me get better. This camp will help me get better by giving me more knowledge on how to play. It would help me improve before I go to college. I have a strong desire to be good at soccer and impress people because of my size. They say "short people can't play" and I want to prove them wrong, this camp will help me do so. It would also help me interact more with people who have the same desires as me. This camp will help me pursue my dream and goals in life. I want to be good enough, therefore, I will strive to be good enough and cherish my opportunity to be in this camp.

A Note from Mr. Lego, Hailie's Teacher

Hailie is a great candidate for US Sports Nike Soccer Camp because she has a passion to not only improve as an athlete but also learn more about a sport she loves. She is self motivated to sign up for teams and go to practice and games. The quality of instruction is where she has missed out in the past and is exactly what she needs. Her desire is to not just be a great athlete but also a smart athlete.

Campaign Activity
Hailie posted an update
July 24
Improvement at Camp

After attending the soccer camp I have learned so many new things, I’ve gained a lot of confidence within myself at this camp as well. I made great friends and and had so much fun playing with other people who want to improve like me. I’ve learned to always try to improve and never compare yourself to other people because you’ll grow as an individual if you focus on yourself and not others. I feel as if I’m ready to try out going to soccer teams that I felt I wasn’t good enough to join. This camp has helped me out a lot with my skills in soccer and with communicating with different people. I feel as if I improved so much and that’s honestly amazing. I’m so grateful to have gone to this camp because it taught me so many things and I got to meet so many different people.

Hailie posted an update
July 16
New Experiences

I am attending the Nike soccer camp in UC Santa Cruz. I am thrilled to be going because I get to practice and learn new skills in soccer, also I am able to meet new people. This camp will help me because it will expand my knowledge in soccer so that in the future I will have high hopes in getting into the teams I want, this will help me gain confidence within myself so that in the future I will have a better understanding on if I want to continue in college . What I look forward on doing is putting myself out there and meeting new people so that I can make friends. I hope that after this camp I can meet new people with the same interest and desires as me so that optimistically, I can find more of myself but mainly to gain self confidence with new skills I have in soccer so that mentally I'll be ready to want to pursue my dream and that is becoming a professional soccer player.

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