Kevin has applied to attend National Computer Camp at Fairfield University this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Central Magnet High School
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Successfully funded on March 29th, 2018!
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Kevin's Story

I discovered my passion for coding with the help of my father and modern technology. Growing up, my father purchased a tablet for me. It was my first personal piece of technology that granted me access to view all of what modern software has to offer. My father showed me how to use it and eventually helped me download games. The colors, lights, effects, and sounds fascinated me and it was at that moment that my love for coding gained momentum.

Eventually my passion for coding evolved when my father took classes of his own to learn to build websites from scratch. I felt motivated to keep my passion for coding alive, however, I have no experience in coding whatsoever. Nevertheless, I still appreciate how it functions and would be more than glad to learn.

The National Computer Camp at Fairfield University is the perfect program for me to pursue my passion for coding. Since this program is held at Fairfield University, it is a great opportunity for me to learn how to code and visit a local university. I researched about to the program and noticed that computer programming languages and web page design is part of their curriculum. With courses like these I would be able to learn the information required for coding and would be able to pursue my passion to code.

A Note from Mr. Santanelli, Kevin's Mentor

Kevin is by far the most hardworking, considerate, driven, respectful and pleasant student I have ever had the chance to work with. As a sophomore, he took on the challenge of an ECE (Early College Experience) course, similar to AP, and excelled. He is able to come up with his own schedule and determine what order his work needs to be done in to meet his deadlines. He has the organization and maturity of a student in the last years of their undergraduate program. When presented with a challenge he never backs down, no matter the difficulty. Kevin keeps As in all of his classes while still managing to play hockey or tennis, depending on the time of year. Honestly, Kevin should be at the top of any program's list of acceptance. Any program would be better having him be a part of it and should greatly regret passing him over.

Kevin is very interested in the discipline of computer programming. He attends a magnet high school for the first 2 hours of his day called Aquaculture in Bridgeport, CT. There he was originally informed he would receive plenty of experience programming and learning the language. Unfortunately, this has proven not to be the case; he has only had limited technology exposure and none of the type of which he was hoping for. Instead, he is left to discover his passion on his own. Kevin researches the basics online using programs that exist for beginners and he has invested some of his own money into a few books. He tries to find time to work on this passion as often as he can, but ultimately he would greatly benefit from expert guidance.

Campaign Activity
Kevin posted an update
August 16
Post Program Update

I would like to start by thanking everyone who donated to my campaign. Without your generous donations I would not have been able to attend the National Computer Camp at Fairfield University. At this program I had to opportunity to learn how to code in Java while living on campus. I am very grateful for this as I was able to experience one of my first choice schools first hand while exploring deeper into my career path. Thank you once again for a great summer!

Kevin posted an update
May 4
Thank you for your support!

I want to begin my update by thanking everyone who contributed to my campaign. Your donations will allow me to gain experience in coding while living on the campus of Fairfield University for National Computer Camp this summer. I will be finishing my junior year strong and I'm looking forward to attending this amazing program. Your generosity is appreciated!

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March 29
Joe Aleardi donated $61
March 29

Have fun, work hard!

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March 28

Your application essays were very thoughtful!

Noemi Axiotis donated $250
March 23

Kevin, from experience, I see you are a very bright young man and I only hope and pray you succeed in everything that improves your life. Good luck in your future endeavours.

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Anonymous donated $100
March 22

good luck and congratulations god bless you

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March 22

Voy a ti!!!!

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March 22

I love you.

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March 22
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March 22
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