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Environmental & Outdoors
Leadership Public Schools - Hayward
Hayward, CA
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Paulina's Story

My passion is outdoor leadership.

As I take a deep breath, I release my worries, my fears. I reflect upon the amazing connection with the fresh environment surrounding me. Disconnecting with society, social media and noise, it allows me to connect back into myself, my body, and my mind. It is essential that I utilize nature to bring that peace into my lifestyle. I value this passion not only because it brings tranquility and balance in my life, but it reconnects me with the most important people, which is my family. Not often do we get to spend time together and enjoy the simplest things in life, which truly helps the soul. My siblings and I are very ambitious individuals. I realized it when we were battling each other to be the first to finish the hiking trail. Being the youngest of my sisters taught me to value new experiences and explorations.

A Note from Ms. Lee, Paulina's Teacher

Paulina is a good candidate for Outward Bound California because she is responsible, hard-working, and adventurous. She is the embodiment of growth mindset in the ways that she perseveres through challenges of all kinds. I believe that participating in Outward Bound California will help Paulina grow as a leader and risk-taker, which she will certainly apply to her identity as a scholar at Leadership Public Schools. I believe that as she leads by example, she will inspire others around her to take similar risks and emulate her perseverance as they work towards their own goals.

Campaign Activity
Paulina posted an update
August 4
14 day Alpine backpacking and rock climbing

Hello everyone! Well to start I already finished my 14 day Alpine backpacking and rock climbing trip. It was such an amazing experience because I was able to enjoy every single happy moment of going to different locations to go rock climbing and backpacking. While I was backpacking I was able to cross through beautiful water falls and lakes, it something that I really felt in love. Something that I also enjoy was able to know new people from different states. But one last thing that I want to say is that I really want to say thanks to my donors and wishbone for giving me the opportunity to attend to my wilderness trip because without their help I wouldn't be able to see the beautiful nature and getting to know new people from different states.

Paulina posted an update
May 3
Environmental and Outdoors

I am going to be participating in the Environmental and Outdoors this summer. I am really excited to be joining this summer program because I always wanted to go backpacking and rock climbing since my freshmen year. But now that I'm happy to know that officially I will be attending to this Environmental and outdoors program I can't wait any longer to try something new in my life.

I am looking forward to working with other people that will also be attending to the same Environmental and Outdoors program. I chose this program because since I was 12 years old I always wanted to go to a backpacking and rock climbing trip because it captured my attention to enjoy the wonderful wilderness that is around me and by taking the opportunity to attend to this summer program. I believe that attending this summer program will motivate me to continue doing backpacking and rock climbing.

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