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Los Angeles, California
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Italy's Story

My passion is law. I discovered my passion for law when I saw a police officer abuse his authority on a person who could not comprehend what they did wrong. The misuse of authority made me want to become a lawyer to defend or inform people of their rights. I am eager to protect those around me.

Attending Education Unlimited Mock Trial will help me learn different areas of law such as constitutional, criminal and tort law, as well as rules of evidence. This is important because it will help me learn the structure of the legal system. This program will also improve my public speaking skills by giving me practice and experience. I understand that by attending this program I can become more confident about how I can make a difference in the legal system with my beliefs and arguments.

A Note from Mr. Madrid, Italy's Mentor

Italy has a strong passion about the injustices that occur in her community of Watts. She is very outspoken about issues that deal with incarceration, immigration issues, and academic resources that students of color low - income communities do not have access too. Italy is a good candidate for Education Unlimited Mock Trial and will benefit from participating in this event because she is outspoken and this program will help her improve in her public speaking skills in order for her to pursue her dreams of being a lawyer. Further, Italy will benefit from the guidance of esteemed speaking instructors and professional attorneys because there is a dire need for more women of color in the judicial system. Overall, Italy will benefit from learning about the practices of law and how they play a role in the courtrooms.

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Success! Mr. Madrid helped Italy raise $3,065
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I'm impressed by your passion for social justice. Best of luck to you!

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