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Menlo Atherton High School
Palo Alto, California
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Yareli's Story

My passion for leadership was sparked when I became a camp counselor last year. In the camp, I learned that all actions have reactions and it doesn't matter if those actions are big or small. The kids that I worked with looked up to me since I was the only one there who was closer to their age. This sparked my interest because even though I was like their friend, I also was an advisor with any questions that they had for their upcoming years in high school. Many times that summer, I made sure that they knew the impact of their words and actions. Little did i know that I was being a role model to them, and it made me realize that the actions that I made were also ones that influenced those around me.

I believe that in order to become a great leader in life you have to be able to submerge yourself in a variety of cultures. Experiment in International Living in China will help me keep expanding my knowledge and appreciations for diversity.

A Note from Ms. Santiago, Yareli's Mentor

Yareli sees the importance to grow as a leader and to share that knowledge with her community members. I have first hand seen the amazing potential to build out her passion. Through your empowerment with this opportunity, she will will not disappoint in making the most of this experience. This program will allow her to expand her access to an opportunity to grow and be exposed to a new culture.

Campaign Activity
Yareli posted an update
August 24
My travels to China

Going across the country with knowing very little of what awaits for me i embark my journey to China. 13 hours on a plane with total strangers i find 2 of the most amazing human beings that id never be able to have met without this trip. overall this adventure allowed me to learn more about who i am and even what i might want to do in my future. Overall this was an amazing life experience and i am very grateful for all your support. thank you

1st week at the temple of heaven
1st week at the temple of heaven
last week,  with the group visiting a waterfall
last week, with the group visiting a waterfall
day 2 with one of my greatest friends that i met on this trip. location = Forbidden city
day 2 with one of my greatest friends that i met on this trip. location = Forbidden city
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So excited for you! 😍❤️

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You’ve always talked about travel, and I’m in FULL SUPPORT of any Beechwood student willing to expand their horizons!

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