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The Urban Assembly School For The Performing Arts
Manhattan, NY
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Nytasia's Story

My passion is entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur became my passion after I attended a program called The Dream Center. This program was based on developing teens' leadership skills, economic empowerment and creative arts. During this program, they asked us what we want to be when we grow up. I decided that I wanted to manage my own fashion brand and become an entrepreneur. After doing more research on entrepreneurship, I have come up with a few other ideas that are still in the creative state. As I figure them out, I will set goals on how to accomplish them.

I will develop my passion by attending FIT High School Summer Live because I will take classes that will make me more familiar with the fashion business. I will set specific goals, make sure I learn how to run my own business, and be surrounded by young adults who share the same passion that I do. Participating in this program would be a great privilege and a once in a life time opportunity.

A Note from Ms. Carter, Nytasia's Counselor

"There are very few students that I have come in contact with that have persevered through the challenges that Nytasia has experienced while still maintaining the desire to be great. She understands that in order to be extraordinary, she has to work hard, educate herself, and remember to be a good person. She is an amazing student, great with her peers, and very committed to her future.

Nytasia is a good candidate for FIT High School Summer Live because she works extremely hard for what she wants. She understands that she has to be dedicated and committed to her success if she wants the end results. She has worked very hard to not become a victim of her surroundings. Instead, she has gone after every opportunity available so that she will be prepared for this world after high school and college."

Campaign Activity
Nytasia posted an update
August 10
My Summer

I attended the F.I.T. Summer Live program July 6th-23rd. As you know, I had to raise 700 dollars to attend this program. It was all worth it. F.I.T taught me many things there is to know about fashion business. The two courses I studied were "Advertisement and Marketing" and "International Marketing."

My morning class was Advertisement and Marketing from 9:30am-12:30pm and the teacher was Ms. Lynda Johnson. I learned from her key words in the marketing business and some in the advertising business. She also showed us clips of advertisements, discussed how companies apply the strategies, taught us to come up with an ad, and showed us how to present. Then, she made us pick four ads, 2 fashion ad and 2 non-fashion ads, and we talked about whether they are bad or not and why. Then, we met the creative director from Women Kind; I learned a lot from her. Finally, we did a final presentation on the bad ad we selected and how our recreation of that ad would be a better promotion.

In the afternoon after my break, I attended my second class International Marketing from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. In this class, my professor Mark taught us marketing vocabulary and how to apply them when marketing. We learned about emerging economies, developing economies, house of brands, branded houses, and the four P's. Then, we took a trip to F.I.T. Museum to see all their exhibits from all around the world. At the end of the course we had to do a presentation based on a boutique we are opening and choose an international place. We had to research the culture of that place, whether it's an emerging or developing economy, and why and how our boutique is going to be in good business there. The last hour we did a final exam and then took some pictures.

Nytasia posted an update
June 26
Excited for FIT High School Summer Live

I prayed every day and night, hoping I get accepted into Wishbone, and I did! Now I am anxious to study entrepreneurship at FIT High School Summer Live. With your donations, I am a step closer to reaching my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Thank you for your support! :) I can't wait to attend the program.

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May 22
Cabrina McMurren donated $5
May 22

She has set the bar for the generation after her and she has shown that hard work really pays off!!! She's the bomb, best little sis ever and this is only the beginning!!! Love you!

Fatima Garrett donated $20
May 21

I wanted to help cuz you're family & I will support anything u want to do if I have the means to do it. Ily😘

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May 16

Please follow your deams love Crystal

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May 15

Because I love you and because we are family... Love you lil.cuzzo

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Charity Phalo donated $25
May 8

FIT for the summer!? I'm super geeked for you! Congrats :-)

Raven hall donated $20
May 1
Shellon Walker donated $25
April 20

I believe in her and the God that is able to take her to many heights! I love her dearly!!!!! She is an inspiration to my own daughters:-)

Emilee Christopher donated $100
April 17

You are absolutely amazing and an inspiration. Best of luck this summer!

Zina McMurren donated $25
April 16

We besties and I love her and sooo proud.Luv Auntie!!!

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April 16
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April 16
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April 16
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February 9