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Albin's Story

My passion is science and technology.

As a child, the defined boundaries of reality were not as exciting as the endless realm of imagination. My greatest adventures were the ones that I created in my head. The power to construct a new story each time allowed me to picture unique possibilities. Often, I did not know where the adventure would take me but the exploration of an unknown world became my passion. Seeking new information as a scientist in my own backyard or creating a blanket fort to defend the pillow empire gave me a chance to exercise my creativity, curiosity, and ambition. From this point onwards, my journey into the unknown became my motivating drive to explore, interact, and learn.

For my next adventure into the unknown, I want to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to interact with other like-minded students and study in a diverse environment. Being able to stay on a college campus will give me a taste of university life and prepare me for entering college. I hope to meet people with different perspectives and create friends who enjoy learning about the world as much as I do. In attending this program, I will also further develop my interests in medicine and science to help guide my life and my career. By combining my interests with my ambition to explore, I can develop a better knowledge of who I am and what I can contribute back to my community. This will enhance my choices and allow me to research new cures or find new treatments while answering the unknown mysteries of diseases.

A Note from Ms. Shin, Albin's Mentor

Albin is the most hard-working student I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and is incredibly motivated in the pursuit of his passions. Last year as my math student, he completed 3 courses of math over one year. Clearly, Albin is inherently motivated to always do his best and to encourage others to do the same. In addition, Albin has taken on leadership roles including the Founding President of the Science Club in order to pursue his passion for science and medicine and to share his passion with others.

As I have already stated, Albin is an exemplary student and a wonderful member of every class. I have no doubt that Albin will be very successful at the LEDA Aspects of Leadership Summer Institute, as he always takes full advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow. I hope that Albin will be able to pursue his love of science, medicine, and helping others one way or another, but I believe that this program will teach him a lot about what is possible in the world.

Campaign Activity
Albin posted an update
August 17
An Unforgettable Summer at Princeton

Words cannot begin to fully express how eye-opening my summer at LEDA has been. The transformative experience of learning from passionate facilitators, discussing with thoughtful students, and living on the campus of an Ivy League institution has pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone and be willing to try new things, whether that be understanding the moral perspective of someone on the opposing side of an issue or being exposed to the culture and diversity of the people that I have met.

A class day starts off with an early morning breakfast which then leads to morning meeting where a quote is discussed in relation to the nature of people and how it applies to ourselves. From there, I spend most of my time in classes with the majority of my time being in Aspects of Leadership where we discuss issues of leadership, politics, ethics, and globalization and role play various activities that all force me to question why I believe what I do and to think critically beyond the black and white. I know that what we talk about is particularly relevant because even when we are not in class, my curiosity pushes me to discuss it with others.

The students of LEDA are the brightest, most compassionate, and open-minded people I have ever met. Coming from all corners of America, they represent a racially diverse, low-income population of students that will become the future leaders that we all need. The moments I have spent with them, whether that be having individual, intense conversations or large group activities all remind me how they are more than just a community. They are family.

The college guidance that I have received here have helped me expand what schools I am looking at so that I am no longer confined to my state schools but look beyond to these highly selective colleges from all across America. Through the essay preparation and finalizing of my college list, I know that I will be wholly prepared for the college application process of my senior year. Ultimately, the summer at Princeton has been the best summer I could possibly have had. I did not know what to expect when I came in but I now know that the lifetime of memories and treasure trove of new experiences will always be with me.

All LEDA Scholars on our First Day
All LEDA Scholars on our First Day
Visit to Dr. King's Memorial on a College Trip
Visit to Dr. King's Memorial on a College Trip
Albin posted an update
June 22
Excited for LEDA: Aspects of Leadership Summer Institute

Leaders are not born but taught. To help those in my community, I must first understand what it truly means to speak my beliefs, advocate for the rights of others, and make informed decisions. As summer approaches, this gives me an opportunity to develop the skills necessary for learning and appreciating these lessons of leadership.

Summer is a time for exploration, and as I enter my senior year, it is important that I look for colleges that best fit my passions. I want to prepare myself for the rigors of college education and joining LEDA will help me to develop my habits, my skills, and ultimately my character.

I am very grateful for this opportunity to explore who I can become and I know that this summer will be one that I never forget.

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