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Technology & Engineering
Uncommon Charter High School
Brooklyn, New York
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
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Caleb's Story

My passion is engineering. When I was younger, I loved to watch TV shows and movies that had futuristic themes and inventions in them. So naturally, I liked the idea of making these ideas become reality. As I grew up, I learned that engineering was what made these inventions come to life, and I want to be a part of it. I also realized that I can help change the world by helping people if I become a engineer. An engineer can create inventions that can help people solve their everyday life problems. I dream of owning my own company that can help to revolutionize the world someday. BlueStamp Engirneering would help me fulfill my life goal to help all the people I come across. So to me, this job would be a dream come true. Engineering is a passion of mine that can be used for good, so that why it is perfect.

A Note from Mr. McLaughlin, Caleb's Teacher

Caleb is hard-working, reliable, polite and curious. He will be interested in the material, will be committed to making the most of it, and will make connections and come up with ideas that other students are not doing. Caleb has shown a commitment to completing assignments, staying after school if necessary, and submitting excellent work that makes me sure that he will impress others with his skills in engineering, as well. I can count on Caleb to provide insightful, creative, and focused answers and questions throughout my classes with him, and I am sure that BlueStamp Engineering will find the same.

Campaign Activity
Caleb posted an update
August 20
My summer experience

Before coming to Bluestamp, I thought engineering was just building stuff from premade instructions. I did not have much experience in the techniques you need to do engineering. However, after coming here I was able to learn tangible skills like soldering and programming.More importantly I learned it’s not just one idea making projects its combining many different ideas together and all of them integrating with each other. I was able to realize that later in my life I want to utilize the skills I have I gathered to become a robotics engineer.I want to innovate the world with my ideas and with this experience under my belt. Finally I learned engineering is not just a job or hobby it is a way of life.

Caleb posted an update
May 18
Expectations for the summer

First I want to thank everyone for their help in getting me this far. I couldn’t have done this without your help. Over this summer I hope to accomplish a lot and put your donations to good use. During this summer, I plan to increase my skills as an engineer. With the Blue Stamp Engineering Program, I hope that they will teach me techniques that I would be able to apply to other things. I also wish to meet new exciting people who could push my thinking. In order to get ready I am 3D printing my own Dice Roller in my Engineering Class in school. So I will be using these skills that I am acquiring right now to build different things.

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April 27
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April 22

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justin mclennan donated $100
April 21

YOU ARE THE FUTURE, CALEB!!!!!! We're going to need you to save this world, so keep up your hard work, and come visit wrestling practice Wednesdays 4-5:30!!!!

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David Berlin donated $25
April 16

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April 16

Caleb, I wish you the best in your endeavors.

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April 9
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April 1

All the best to you and much success! Go Caleb!

Becky McFadden donated $20
March 25

I know God has a plan for you to have a successful life.

Joel Tracy donated $25
March 25
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March 24
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March 21
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March 18

Caleb, thank God for great success, the Mobley's are believing in you,!!! We Love You!!

Selena Rodgers donated $200
March 15

Hey nephew,
Stay purposeful placed in your academic endeavors.
Love Tanta

Anonymous donated $50
March 12

Caleb, you are writing your future, therefore you are in charge of the events that take place and how your life unravels

Jean Crabbe donated $25
March 11
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March 11

We wish you all the best in your career as an engineer. Keep up the good work.

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March 9
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March 9
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December 22