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Science & Medicine
Menlo Atherton High School
Palo Alto, California
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Ashley's Story

My passion is medicine, which I have been curious about ever since I was a child playing "doctor" with my siblings and parents. I would always get the Smarties candy and pretend it was a medicine pill. It wasn't until my 7th grade year when I researched more about what medicine can do to your body and what types of medicines work for specific treatments. My passion for medicine has grown tremendously, each day I feed in new information about antibiotics, antiseptics, and analgesics .

Attending Envision NYLF Medicine will help me pursue my passion for medicine by giving me an opportunity to experience real life situations in the medical field. The program will help me learn more about what jobs in the medical field, as I consider my own career path in medicine. Having an opportunity to attend Envision NYLF Medicine at UC Berkeley will impact my understanding of the different medical fields and open up my horizons to new experiences that may set me on a new career path. This summer I am looking forward to pursuing my passion for medicine by collecting as much information as I can about the prevention of diseases, treatments, and diagnoses.

A Note from Ms. Andres, Ashley's Teacher

Ashley is a good candidate for Envision NYLF Medicine at UC Berkeley because it provides an introduction to medical field in state of the art facilities. Ashley already researches medications and treatments for illnesses; in this program, she would be able to preview jobs in the medical field and see first hand, guided by UC Berkeley instructors, how the human body works. She is intellectually curious and genuinely loves learning new things, particularly about the body. This particular opportunity would help level the playing field between Ashley and her classmates with the means to participate without support. The program would so greatly expand her knowledge of human anatomy and deepen her commitment to pursue her dream.

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June 27
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I would like to thank all of my donors for giving me the opportunity to make one of my dreams a reality. My financial aide is fully covered for the summer, which I am super grateful for. I cannot wait for this program to start so I can finally get a close look at to what being In the medical field would be like.

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April 25
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