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Marisol's Story

I want to attend this program because it is related to engineering, and this is what I want to study in college. I am deeply interested in engineering because it allows me to use my creativity and knowledge of science. COSMOS would be a great program for me because it can provide students with great technology and resources like 3-D printers that I would normally not have access to.

A Note from , Marisol's Teacher

Marisol is such a hard-working, ambitious student. She really seeks academic challenges and wants exposure to career paths, colleges, and more during her summers. She looks forward to the hands-on rigor COSMOS can provide.

Campaign Activity
Marisol posted an update
February 12
Engineering at UC Davis

In COSMOS, we were lectured about Physics during the first week and visited the USS Hornet. During the first week we also made a boat, The Lonely Island, and raced it in our dorm pool. For the second week my teammate, Sabrina, and I decide that we would make a hand power generator to power and arduino that would say hello. However, our dream was crushed due to the fact that an arduino needs a steady flow of energy generated and a hand power generator does not provide that. So in the end, we decided to make an infra-red sensor harp (look up laser harp- what we built was something like that but less cool). We also visited the Exploratorium and for the next week we visited the Tech Museum. 

The last week, we went to San Francisco again to see some art and go to the Camera Obscura. Throughout the weeks we had a lot of trouble building our harp but in the end we were able to overcome these challenges with the help of mentors. COSMOS was very supportive and also gave the students a lot of free time and numerous field trips to expand our knowledge. 
COSMOS gave me an eye opening experience and really got me excited to take the engineering course at my school. However, the course was cut because of lack of interest in my school. This saddened me but I realized that COSMOS gave me a sense of the concept of "Doing it Yourself" and using what you have. I also learned how to solder and how to use arduinos. This summer program also got me thinking about college, and so far, UC Davis is one of my candidates for college.

Marisol posted an update
February 7
Thank you

Thank you so much for supporting me on this summer program. I am very excited and your donation is helping me on the path towards achieving my dreams of being an engineer. I cannot say thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to live at a college campus for the summer. I am truly grateful for this donation.

Success! Marisol's campaign raised $2,950
January 30
COSMOS donated $2,950
January 30