Eduardo has applied to attend STEM Summer Camp at Foothill College this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Downtown College Preparatory Academy - El Primero
San Jose, CA
Successfully funded on April 4th, 2017!
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Eduardo's Story

My passion is math.

I discovered my love for math when I was in 5th grade. Back then, I had a really great teacher who had taught me strategies for making math easier and more comprehensible. When I was in 8th grade, we would have Socratic seminars discussing math problems. I would always debate with a friend whenever we had different answers. Ever since then, math has been easy for me to digest because I feel like it is all logic. What I especially love about math is it fits into everything that we do. All round us is math, making it essential to anything that we do.

A Note from Mrs. Furton, Eduardo's Coach

Eduardo brings inquiry, laughter, unity, and responsibility to any group he joins. He has the intellectual maturity to focus and learn, and is insulted if he is not challenged. He wants to grow to be more of a risk-taker, and I believe meeting students from all over the globe will help him realize how unique his experience and perspective are. His Engineering teacher attests to his lack of inhibition when involved in inquiry and fabrication; he enjoys working with people to try new things. This is especially true in the STEM fields, where he is currently excelling.

Campaign Activity
Eduardo posted an update
May 10

Hello dear donors!

I am going to be a part of Science Learning Institute STEM Summer Camps this summer. I am very grateful to be able to attend this program. The reason for this is because I feel as though, at school there aren't any opportunities to learn Nanotechnology or Biotechnology. What I am looking the most forward to this year is the fact that most people my age won't be able to have the experience that I will have when I attend the program. I also feel that this experience will further my passion in STEM, particularly science and math.

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April 4
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April 4

We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to fuel your passion for all things mathematical.

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April 4
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April 4
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April 4
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