Tanahja has applied to attend US Sports Nike Volleyball Camps this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Palisade Preparatory School
Yonkers, NY
Successfully funded on April 4th, 2017!
Fully funded!
$340 raised
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Tanahja's Story

My passion is volleyball.

Overall, I love to play sports, but I especially love volleyball. I would like to continue to learn about the game and skills in order to play in college one day. Attending the US Sports Nike Volleyball Camps will give me the opportunity to continue to grow as a player, and also meet other players that are passionate like I am.

A Note from Mr. Stahn, Tanahja's Mentor

Tanahja is a great kid. She tries very hard in school and loves to play sports. She is one of five kids and her mom works hard to provide for them, but she would never be able to attend a program like this on her own. US Sports Nike Volleyball Camps is the perfect program for Tanahja. She does have a passion/interest in volleyball and it would be great for her to continue to develop her skills. She is a very smart kid who should be focusing on having college in her future and I think this program will help her prepare for her junior year of school and the college application process.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mr. Stahn helped Tanahja raise $340
April 4
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April 4

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April 2

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March 30

Have fun at Volleyball Camp at Adelphi!

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March 30
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March 28
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March 28
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March 28
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February 1