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Osvaldo's Story

My passion is Computer Science and Engineering..

The first time I discovered my passion for computers was through video games. I remember coming home every day after a long day of school excited to play whatever game I had. As games began to evolve, I started to question almost everything about the games I played. I began to wonder things like how did they get a character to respond to the controller in a certain way? How did they make it so that you could interact with the environment in the game? Questions like these still remain unanswered, but I know it has to do with some intense coding.

Attending iD Tech Camp will help me explore my passion because this program falls under a STEM category. Computer Science and Computer Engineering both fall under that category and if there is a program that helps me achieve it, why not iD Tech Camp? My dream is to become a leader in what I do, whether that be Computer Science or Computer Engineering, and I feel like iD Tech Camp can help me decide what that will be through its program.

A Note from Mr. Sharar, Osvaldo's Teacher

Osvaldo has a passion for science, specifically robotics. As part of the robotics team and as a captain, Osvaldo had to lead our software development team, which was responsible for writing and troubleshooting the code that would control our robot both autonomously as well as under human control. With little experience, Osvaldo reached out to UC Berkeley undergraduates to gain insight and learn from them. However, opportunities for exposure to computer science is limited at our school to the Robotics Club. By participating in iD Tech Camp, Osvaldo will get the experience that he truly desires and will be finally able to combine his potential, work-ethic and passion with true learning of a skill.

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Good luck, Osvaldo!

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Osvaldo--Seek every learning opportunity you can find--be curious--and your life will be successful and adventurous. It sounds like you are already on that path. Good luck to you!

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No one deserves this more!

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