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Justin Ngome
Justin Ngome
Business & Law
Brien McMahon High School
Norwalk, CT
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Justin Ngome
Justin Ngome's Story

My passion is politics and the world.

I discovered this passion by first examining the current situation in my country of Gabon, West Africa and it's current crises - from water to basic human rights - and asked myself what could I do one day to change my beloved nation, a nation that once thrived but now remains in the dark shadows of its past wealth. I knew I loved debating, and one day I started reading and analyzing the current crisis in the African continent. I was fed up with the lies they were feeding the people. From there, I just fell in love with politics. I want to make an impact on the forgotten people of my country and beyond.

Attending the NLSC International Diplomacy program will greatly help me explore my passion of politics and diplomacy, because it will give me a greater understanding of being an International Diplomat. I believe that getting a better, more hands-on glimpse of what the career is really like would greatly benefit me and my future career.

A Note from Mrs. Oliver, Justin Ngome's Mentor

"Justin is the most self-motivated, enthusiastic student I have ever come across in my lifetime. He is focused, determined, and rises to any and all challenges he faces. He knows exactly what he wants to do as a future career; an International Diplomat, and how to get to his future goal. At a young age of 15, his maturity shines through as he serves as the Assistant Treasurer of the NAACP State Youth & College division.

Justin hopes to attend the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) on International Diplomacy and through Wishbone he can do this. Attending this conference will allow Justin to immerse himself in the diplomatic field by participating in hands-on simulations, meeting diplomatic professionals, and receiving leadership training. Justin is driven to be the first in his family to go to college, and being of Cameroon and Gabon descent, Justin is dedicated to international relations and making our world a better place."

Campaign Activity
Justin Ngome
Justin Ngome posted an update
July 11

Attending NSLC International Diplomacy has literally changed my life. I made so many new friends, that i literally cried when it was our last day. NSLC International Diplomacy was such a fun and fantastic program that I cannot even express how great it was. From visiting the Russian Embassy, the U.S. State Department, World Bank, Jefferson Memorials, and walking with my new friends in historic Georgetown, it was truly an extraordinary experience. I felt confident, outspoken, and passionate throughout the program since I was in an environment in which everybody had the same passions and interests as me. The experience of being a diplomat during our exciting and intense security council simulations was just one piece of this amazing program. I am so pumped to go back to my Model United Nations Club next year and show them all the things I learned in the program. So many people were touched by my story and how I got to the program; I inspired many or my peers and they also inspired me because they were, like me, dedicated to International Relations. World Simulation, Trivia Night, and many more activities that i can not even list, were off the charts. I am just so blessed to have been a part of this program and grateful for all the people who helped to go there. Without you all, I would not be able to attend this program. Thank You Wishbone!!!!!!

Justin Ngome
Justin Ngome posted an update
June 13
Thank You for this Life Changing Experience!

I cannot find the words to express my gratitude towards my donors. Without your help, I would not be in a position to go NSLC International Diplomacy. This has been a blessing and has opened so many doors for me. This program will be a place with different nationalities together, talking about world issues. My dream is to become a diplomat for the United States, and hopefully to serve on a post in my countries of origin, Gabon, Cameroon, or Haiti.

This opportunity has made this dream possible, especially because I will also be visiting American University, a school that I am really interested in going to due to their program in International Service. School is out, and now all I have to do is relax and wait for my first day. I was in tears when I saw that I am going because of all you guys. You have really impacted my life so much, I promise to make you guys proud. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, my mentor Paul Matson, my teachers, Norwalk NAACP Branch, My mother and my father, my donors, all of you have been so important in my life. I am very excited to attend this program, since it is my first time doing this. 9 days!!! Thank You Wishbone for being a solid program!!!

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