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Kipp King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, California
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Jeffrey's Story

My passion is architecture.

I discovered my passion for architecture when I was skateboarding and exploring the city. I began to adore and love how my surrounding gave me the platform to skate and re-purpose what was built. However, I couldn't skate and explore everything around me, so I created my own structures in my notebook. Everyday or every other night, I'll sketch out a structure in my notebook. I really enjoy how architecture gives me the feeling of peace and creative freedom with no limitations.

Attending embARC Design Academy will help me pursue my passion for architecture by giving me the insight on what goes on behind architecture and how buildings are made. Also, I'll be able to learn how to improve my drawings, create 3D model and blueprints. Most importantly, I'd gain perspective on architecture and see if architecture is something I want to pursue in college.

A Note from Ms. Gannon, Jeffrey's Teacher

Jeffrey is not limited by boundaries, he creates them. When he is interested in something like skating or architecture, he devotes his full self to its pursuit. He is an individual in the fullest sense of the word. He does not let others' opinions influence him or his path; he is unconcerned with trends or the social politics of high school. Rather, he pours himself into his extracurricular interests and the goals he sets for himself. Jeffrey would be a great addition to the embARC Design Academy due to his passion and devotion, his attention to detail, his inclusiveness, and his individuality.

Campaign Activity
Jeffrey posted an update
August 24
Embarc Design Academy

Going to Embarc Design Academy was a privilege and a eye opening experience of being surrounded by a different demographic and being provided classes on architecture. Though I won't be pursing architecture, this program motivated me to continue doing art of photography and anything creative.

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Jeffrey, keep going on your individual path. Your hard work will pay off!

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