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Liberal Arts
Orville H. Platt High School
Meriden, Connecticut
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MyQueen's Story

My passion is biomedical engineering.

I discovered my passion for biomedical engineering in the eighth grade. Finding out about engineering opened my mind up more. Every few months my middle school would bring in students from UConn who majored in mechanical engineering; they would have presentations on what engineering was like and how it could make a difference. Seeing these presentations I knew that I wanted to be an engineer. By high school, all the staff would promote female engineering and would give us field trips to visit UConn to talk to the female engineers. One of the women were Biomedical engineers and she would tell us about the projects she was working on and when she would show us what she had finished. Seeing these amazing projects and knowing that I could help someone made me fall in love with Bioengineering.

I have toured the UConn campus and I have met with some of the students who are studying for the same work field that I would like to study. Hearing about how the people at UConn are supportive of one another, and how UConn provides such a variety of opportunity for the students, made me really feel like UConn would be perfect for me. I also know that UConn Pre-College Summer Program will help me because I will be getting the experience of bioengineering that I know I will need to motivate myself to work harder towards my goal. UConn is also a college where there are a lot of hands on projects so I know that UConn Pre-College Summer Program will definitely help me visualize the type of work that I will be doing.

A Note from Ms. Giddings, MyQueen's Teacher

MyQueen is a good candidate for the UConn Pre-College Summer Program because of the interest she has in science, which I have observed this year, as her biology teacher. I believe that we must encourage all children who express an interest in solving today's problems with science, and MyQueen has a strong curiosity about STEM careers. Connecticut needs more women of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds in the science careers, and MyQueen represents that diversity. MyQueen will benefit from participating in the program because it will enable her to explore university science education in some depth.She is currently defying the odds and will benefit from the enrichment experience UConn Pre-College Summer Program has to offer.

Campaign Activity
MyQueen posted an update
August 7
My Experience

Attending the UConn Pre- Summer Program was absolutely AMAZING. I was scared of going there because I wasn't sure if I'd make friends or fit in. When I got there it was a little strange, there were all of these new faces. After we had all introduced ourselves, we all instantly found our own group of friends. One of my biggest concerns was if I would get along with my roommate. My roommate and I instantly connected. We spent our mornings talking about the different places that we were from. I didn't expect people to travel so far for this program but I ended up making friends with a girl named Bithia who came all the way from Ghana!! Anyways, we would share school stories and talk about our interests. After breakfast, we would walk to get coffee then head to class. I'll admit my friends and I thought it would be easy to get around campus. Well, it kind of was. If it were for the RMs (Residental Mangers) we would have no clue where we were going. they guided us around campus and after a couple of days, we learned how to navigate ourselves.
The class that I took was amazing. At first, I thought there's no way I could ever be as smart as the other students. Then, I realized that each person had their strengths and weaknesses. I personally struggle with all the computer projects but my teammates were amazing with stuff like coding. But when it came to putting wires and designing hands-on projects I was the one to do the job. We ended up designing a heart monitor that shows your heartbeat using a sensor and LEDs. we were then supposed to design them for everyday uses. My team made a hat that has a sensor that lays right on your temple to measure your heartbeat. I had a video for you but unfortunately, the person who took the video accidentally deleted it.
Usually, after class, we would go to lunch. I loved the dining hall for lunch. every day would be a different theme for the food. I wanted to reach out of my comfort zone so sometimes I would try new things. One time I had swordfish. I was unsure about it at first but it actually was very good. My friends and I always finished lunch early so we would take that time to explore more of the campus. one time after lunch we stopped to get ice cream in a bucket just for $3 none of us could finish the ice cream, it was worth it. Another day, we went to the Gamble Pavillion. I had never seen a basketball court as big as Gamble. We took pictures and watched Coco. It was breathtaking the way the lights shined onto the court. I'm no basketball player but when you're standing in the middle of that court, you can picture hundreds of people cheering.
When our lunch adventures came to an end, we would usually head to our workshops. The workshops teach you different lessons for college or just life in general. I've learned how to keep a growth mindset, how to set/ achieve goals, how to learn more about myself and finding the type of person I am and who I want to be in the future.
Dinner is on the next part of the schedule. Dinner would start at 5 pm and we would finish at around 6. When my friends and I finish with dinner we head downstairs to the game room. Usually, we end up playing in a very competitive game of pool. At 7 pm we were given a list of that night's activities and we could join in on any activity. we would watch movies, play volleyball, go downtown for shopping or food, sometimes we would just stay in the game room and talk. We would do this till 10 and then we'd get ready for bed and head off to sleep.
When the last day came around, there was a talent show being held. It was amazing!! There were people who sang, solved puzzles, danced, arm wrestled, lip-synced, you name it! By the end, it turned more into a party than a talent show. That day was very special to me. It was the first time that I had ever sung in front of people. everyone was supportive and cheered me on. I even had a couple of people come up to me and said that I sounded so good!!
Attending this program taught me that I love engineering and coffee!! It also taught me that I have to live every day to the fullest and that dreams are just goals with a due date. I am so so so thankful for this opportunity. I couldn't have done this without everyone who donated. I am especially thankful for my advocate who helped and believed in me through this whole process.
Thank you,

P.S here is a video link in case you want to see more of what my experience was like.

My Friends and I at Gamble Pavillion (my roommate is the first on the left)
My Friends and I at Gamble Pavillion (my roommate is the first on the left)
Our Last Night - Biomedical Engineering Class
Our Last Night - Biomedical Engineering Class
Me and Jonathan the Husky
Me and Jonathan the Husky
MyQueen posted an update
July 11
My Journey Before Uconn

I am so excited to attend my program tomorrow. I am ready for a life-changing experience. I am so grateful for Wishbone and my donators for helping me get this opportunity. I'll make sure to keep you guys posted. Stay tuned.

Success! Ms. Giddings helped MyQueen raise $1,950
April 8
Brenda Higley donated $41
April 8

I was thrilled to see you, MyQueen, a former 3rd grade student pursuing such an important career! I wish you the best of luck in this summer program! You can do it- chase your dreams and make them a reality!!!

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John Vieira donated $5
April 6

You are an inspiring young woman and I wish you the best of luck! You will thrive in this program!

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Lorraine Schratz donated $300
March 31

Our children Daniel (age 18), Gina (age 16), and Thomas (age 13) were inspired by you, MyQueen, to donate $150 of their own money. They realize they are very blessed, and want to share that with you. As their parents, we have matched their donation. Best of luck, and lots of love, to you.
The Schratz Family

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Application Excellence Award from a Wishbone Sponsor donated $310
March 28

Your application essays were very thoughtful!

Jane Wheeler donated $50
March 21

MyQueen rocks!

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Margaret English donated $50
March 20

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Jeremiah Ball donated $50
March 19

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Janice Ritter donated $25
March 19

I'm impressed by your desire to pursue this course in the summer! I hope all the funds you need are raised. I am happy to support such a go-getter. :)

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Joanna Giddings donated $50
March 19

Mr. Eric Peele and I support you and hope you have a phenomenal experience at the UCONN summer program!

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University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut donated $400
March 19
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March 19
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March 19
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