Adrian has applied to attend US Sports Nike Baseball Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Urban Assembly School for Careers in Sports
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 14th, 2018!
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Adrian's Story

My passion is baseball.

My family roots are from the Dominican Republic, a country that loves baseball. The sport has always been part of our people's culture; its in our blood. The sport has helped me with my daily expectations: motivation, punctuation, being a team-player. Baseball has no economic boundaries, which also distinguishes it from other sports such as golf and tennis. In my native country, it is very common to see kids play the sport with a plain bat and even rocks as balls. As a child, the sport tested my speed as a runner, my attention to all details of the game, and discipline.

Attending to US Sports Nike Baseball Camps would help me to improve my overall performance as a player. I could use it in the field and help my teammates when they are in need of points or defense. In addition, this camp would help me to tryout for the varsity baseball team and achieve goals as a student athlete.

A Note from Ms. Torres, Adrian's Mentor

Adrian is one of the few students I've come across during my teaching career that takes every possible opportunity to improve his overall academics and sportsmanship performance. He always sees the glass half full instead of empty. He is self-motivated, responsible, and punctual. While many of his classmates are getting ready for their school day, Adrian is already at school, participating in our school's fitness club. He is a true team-player; a reliable athlete in the wrestling ring and student in the classroom. Adrian is easy to get along with and his peers always look for him for support and/or leadership.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Torres helped Adrian raise $735
May 14
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May 14

Make the most of it! Good luck!

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May 14

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May 1

Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

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April 30
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April 30

Have fun. Good luck at camp.

Anonymous donated $200
April 23

Enjoy the camp Adrian!

Daniela Carrillo donated $40
April 10

Adrian was my student as a freshmen. Everything Ms. Torres said about this kid has been the same since day 1. He appreciates everything and know he will put every dollar collected through this thoughtful campaign into a dedicate camp. Buena suerte, Adrian!

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