Patrick has applied to attend US Sports Nike Basketball Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Stamford High School
Stamford, CT
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Patrick's Story

I discovered my passion for basketball when I watched my classmates play during gym class in 6th grade. As a kid from a different country, I had never watched a basketball game before and the entire experience was new and exciting. I learned to play the game in 7th grade by watching YouTube videos and NBA games on TV. It was actually because of basketball that I met a lot of my friends. Even though I was from another country, we were able to bond over something we all loved.

Attending US Sports Nike Basketball Camps will help me pursue my goal of becoming better at the game. I am fairly new to the sport, so I would like the opportunity that other students have to practice and drill with people who are really good. I think Nike Basketball Camp will teach me new moves that will help me improve my game. I also think Nike Basketball will help me meet new people, and I will continue to build friendships. There are a lot of life skills that come with playing basketball, and I would like the chance to learn those as well.

A Note from Mr. Nazzaro, Patrick's Coach

Patrick comes from a family of hardworking adult leaders. He is passionate about the game of basketball, while also making sure he has time to be a mentor for his younger sister. Patrick is hoping to apply for and obtain as many scholarships as possible to help him pursue a likely successful college career, and this summer program will be a great opportunity to start that process and learn from the experience. Patrick has a focus and mindset to be a college bound athlete. His athleticism and dedication to his craft is impeccable. He is a great fit for this program, and should definitely have the opportunity.

Campaign Activity
Patrick posted an update
September 15
My summer program

I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to attend the Nike Basketball camp. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the game of basketball and I will be using the new skills I learned in the future.

Patrick posted an update
May 4
US Nike Basketball Camp

I'm attending US Nike Basketball camp this summer and I'm really excited to learn new stuff and meet new people. I chose to stay overnight because I want to see how it feels like to be a college student living on campus.

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