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Technology & Engineering
Leadership Public High School Hayward
Hayward, California
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Ruby's Story

My passion is engineering.

In middle school, I had a preview of what coding was about, and I liked it very much. When I came to high school, I heard that there was going to be a program in the summer about robotics and coding, which was something I looked forward to. When the end of the year rolled upon, I signed up for the program, and I was accepted. In the summer of 2016, I started to learn more about what I am passionate about, when learning programming, C++ and robotics. That is where I realized my love for Engineering. I now know that I like to do hands-on activities were one actually assembles a robot, rather than coding. I think that coding is just as cool as making the robot, but like I said, I like more hands-on projects. I like to actually assemble and break the object down.

If I attend iD Tech Camp, this will pursue my dream for Engineering. Since middle school, I knew I wanted to do something involved with Technology. In high school, I learned that I wanted to focus more on engineering. iD Tech will be the best opportunity to see what type of engineering I want to do. I will be able to explore a variety of engineering fields including mechanical, civil, electrical, and biomedical engineering. In the summer program I mentioned earlier I liked the robotic thing, I assume that mechanical and electrical engineering will relate to that. This experience will help me know what path of engineering to take. I also know that professional engineers will talk about their work and I would be able to picture myself what career to take. Lastly, I will be able to have the opportunity to design and build things with my teammates.

A Note from Ms. Lee, Ruby's Teacher

Ruby is a good candidate for iD Tech Camp because she is tenacious and astute. She is self-motivated and proactive in the ways she looks for opportunities for personal, professional, and academic development. As iD Tech enables participating students to design and build projects, this environment will stimulate and challenge Ruby to engage in new levels of Engineering and both compound and apply her growing skillset in the field. Additionally, I believe that her leadership skills will enable her to thrive in an environment of collaboration and innovation. As a member of Student Government at Leadership Public Schools, Ruby already has extensive experiments collaborating with and leading large groups of peers in organizing events and projects.

Campaign Activity
Ruby posted an update
August 7

I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to be able to attend my program, even though there was a lot of confusion at the end. I had lots of fun at San Jose State and this program made me realize what I want to major in, so it was an advantage of this program.

Ruby posted an update
June 29
Pre-Attendance Update

Hi Wishbone team, first off I want to say, I am very grateful for helping me get into Code Apps with C++. I am excited to stay at San Jose State University from July 16 - 20, 2018. Overall, I am very excited about having an opportunity to join this program, and seeing how it could impact my career choice in the future.

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