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Coliseum College Prep Academy
Oakland, CA
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Evelin's Story

My passion is leadership.

My passion was discovered through initiative, as I have constantly looked for summer programs to apply to. Not only have I looked for summer opportunities, but during the year I have supported my friends, classmates, and anyone who comes to me for help. Now, I want to move away from the role of a helper and into that of a leader. My passion for leadership will prepare me for the future because any career, occupation, or job that I get will require leadership skills.

Attending a summer program that is designed to help people become leaders would help me become a leader myself. Being able to be a leader will be beneficial not just for myself but for my community as well.

A Note from Ms. Friedman, Evelin's Counselor

"Evelin is a student who will grow tremendously from this opportunity and make a positive contribution to her group. Evelin is a student that others look up to and admire. She is goal-oriented, community-minded, and independent, which will serve her well in a leadership program. No one in Evelin's family has had an opportunity to participate in a program like National Teen Leadership Program, and Evelin's interest in doing so is a reflection of her initiative, willingness to take risks, and curiosity about the world around her."

Campaign Activity
Evelin posted an update
August 29
Thank you, Best experience ever

Attending NTLP (National Teen Leadership Program) changed my life. Not only was I taught how to be a leader, but also how to open up to people. I was part of a group called the kitties. They made this experience really great and it was so nice to meet them all. The thing that I enjoyed the most were the speakers because their words marked me and made a change in me. What I also liked was how everyone at NTLP welcomed you and made you feel like family. This is by far the best program I have been too and I am very thankful that this opportunity was given to me.

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April 28
Suzanne Bhattacharya donated $64
April 28

Wishing you all the best as you begin this journey.

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Amy Carozza donated $50
April 28

Evelin is an amazing child. Super excited to support her.

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Abby Friedman donated $36
April 26

I know this is going to be a great experience for you and I'm so glad you're getting this opportunity!

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April 18
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April 18
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