Yazmine has applied to attend US Performing Arts Acting for the Camera this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
John Bowne High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 16th, 2018!
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Yazmine's Story

I discovered my passion for acting in a high school acting program that I attended. In this program, I was encouraged to perform plays written by Shakespeare and at first I was terrified and felt like running out of the room. I felt like I couldn't do it, but as I saw other students get up and act, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen - the way they moved and the expressions they used, even the accents they sometimes used to make a character come to life. It looked like so much fun that I wanted to get up and do that. I felt so comfortable just being up in front of people, because I knew we were all new at acting.
I still get nervous but I feel with practice and a summer at US Performing Arts Acting for the Camera, I will improve and become a more confident actor.

A Note from Mr. Gonzalez, Yazmine's Teacher

I have seen Yazmine work really hard to succeed at whatever she puts her mind to achieve. Yazmine knows she wants to be an actor and will strive to accomplish her goal of acting in the future. Since our school does not have an acting class, US Performing Arts Acting for the Camera is a great way for her to improve her acting skills and get real world experience.

Yazmine will be a great addition to US Performing Arts Acting for the Camera, because she is a hard worker, is very respectful to everyone, and is motivated to learn and improve always. This program will give her more confidence to continue to pursue her dream!

Campaign Activity
Yazmine posted an update
August 30
A fun adventure

It was everything I could possibly hope for. THANK YOU!

Yazmine posted an update
August 16
Thank you so much

It was an amazing experience and I still can’t be I got to do so many things and learn them so thank you very much for giving me this chance.

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