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Environmental & Outdoors
Animo College Preparatory Academy
Los Angeles, CA
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Brisamar's Story

My passion is marine science.

My name, Brisamar, means "ocean breeze" in Spanish. The ocean has been a big part of my family since my childhood because my family spent many summers at a beach. When I was 9, I saw many sea animals swimming as I gazed at the water. I was truly fascinated by the fact that life does not only exist on land, but also in the ocean.

The ocean still sparks curiosity in me, and my hunger for knowledge stimulates me to learn more about marine science. The ocean has been significant part of my life, and it will continue to shape me as a person.

A Note from Mrs. Mims, Brisamar's Mentor

It is clear that the ocean has been a big part of Brisamar's life. It roots from her family, and it is only natural that she built her interest and passion for the ocean. Unfortunately, Brisamar did not get much exposure to Marine Biology as an academic and career field due to the lack of access. However, I know that Brisamar has been pursuing her passion by setting a clear goal to go to college to study Marine Biology. In order to do so, Brisamar has been doing her diligence to earn high GPA, play sports and seek out for resources to support her to go to college. Brisamar is taking a full advantage of the resources and opportunities that are presented to her, and this is how Brisamar has been exploring and pursuing her passion in Marine Biology.

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Success! Mrs. Mims helped Brisamar raise $895
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